Montana Tech of the University of Montana Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not motivated and determined to complete their degree programs.


Anybody that truly values their education and the time they spend working towards their dreams should attend Montana Tech. The small student population and class sizes allow individuals to use their time efficiently. If you a person who appreciates the aesthetic quality of their college experience, the college lies in a city with a rich history and unique culture. Also, students can benefit from an array of outdoor activities that include fishing, skiing, and much more. Above all, a student looking to attend this school should be well rounded and open to all the things this school can offer.




The kind of person who shouldn't attend Montana Tech is someone who is not going to do a field in Engineering.


This is not the school for someone who is strictly vegetarian or vegan, strongly interested in the arts or liberal studies, and/or only comfortable in a city.


someone who is not willing to work will not succeed. Also people who drink too much.


Anyone looking for a strong engineering degree and a great job coming out of college. Also, anyone who loves the outdoors with access to the continental divide, national forests and lakes and rivers all within a half hour of campus.

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