Montclair State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Montclair University is a place where you learn and experience real life cases that will assist with your career.


Montclair State University leaves a permanent mark on every student that attends, while continuing to keep its doors open to past alumni and recognizing their success through this accredited school.


Montclair State University will give you the education you expect for your tuition dollar - nothing more nothing less.


Montclair has the environment of a great canmpus offering a lot of diversity and activities to help students find their part of this big campus but their really bad with managing money for simple things that can charage your account on useless charges that don't even concern you.


Montclair University is a great college, with a very diverse environment, that is academically challenging, yet fun and friendly.


It is right next to New York City, which makes it the perfect location.


Montclair State University is a great school with a nice campus. The teachers are friendly and you will make life long friends!


The teachers are all very enthusiastic about their respective fields and are willing to share their knowledge with everyone that is interested and is willing to learn.


Montclair State University has a goregous campus with tons of different people who all get along with eachother.


There is always construction going on at Montclair, but it is obviously to benefit the students. In the past ten years, the school has built a new school for music, a recreation center, brand new dorm buildings, a new parking deck, a new academic building, and another new academic building is currently being built. The campus is large so, the walking distance between academic buildings, recreation centers, theaters, and parking can be slightly long. New York City is clearly visible from the recreation center and the dorm buildings, and the overall scenery is very picturesque.


The buildings have red roofs, the ground has green grass, there are rolling hills and rocking students, most students live there, some people want to learn and some people want to party.


Close to home, diverse, friendly people and good experiences.


Montclair State University is extremly diverse and has a relaxed environment. Everyone there is friendly and its easy to fit in. The education I recieve there is phenomenal.


Montclair State University is a school where all the people who has different personalities, different backgrounds, and different cultures get together and go for the same goal; to follow their dreams.


Montclair State University overall, is a great school and I would recommend anyone to attend this school.


Montclair State University is a place you feel welcome, comfortable, make friends easily, and where you can get the experience you need in order to be successful on your path in life.


As an institution of higher learning, Montclair State University has implemented programs of study which focus primarily on providing the student with a well-rounded education, regardless of their major course of study.


Montclair State University is public university located in Upper Montclair of Montclair, NJ that has a total of 18,171 students with 250 majors and minor; has a wide range of students with different backrounds; also provides many opportunites and choices.


Montclair State University is a big, well rounded, fun, multicultural, and I feel safe and intelligent here.


Montclair State University is a well rounded school that offers many different majors and graduate programs.


Montclair State University is a wonderful institution that offers a great education, a chance to meet incredible people, and a comfortable environment where one can grow as a person.


Montclair State University is a place where I feel comfortable enough to learn and speak my mind during class time. I can ask questions and each and every professor will be there to help in an instant. I honestly feel like I'm learning, and in such a prosperous environment, it feels like it's much more than just a place of education. Each semester I look forward to spending my time of higher education here.


Montclair State University is fast paced school built over a large piece of semi-secluded land.


Originally independant and individualistic.


Great size, no social life. Everyone goes homeon the weekends.


The best decision I could have made!


Active and yet can be quiet at times. A great place to make lifelong friends very friendly environment and great education.


Montclair State University is a diverse and populous school full of life, activities, and dreams turning into reality all happening right outside of the epicenter of the modern world, New York City.


My school is a very diverse environment that is very family structured and is very credible.


A great place for certain fields of education, do your research before you decide to apply.


It's a great place for students to meet one another and perfect to get it's students prepared for futures in the business world.


It very nice.


A friendly, accepting, but still challenging school that is still growing, but very affordable.


They are very helpful with picking a career. Everyone is very helpful and the professors are well organized . There is aloy of work in the classes but the profosser tries to help as much as they can.


Montclair State University is a place where success, friendships, opportunity, acceptance, and learning come together to make YOU.


A great place to be creative and learn your craft.


Montclair state is great for what I would like to do later in life, however, social life is kind of deal, which is why I joined a fraternity.


It is a public school that is way too easy to get into. I'd say 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students don't care about anything that goes on with the school.


Montclair State is what you make of it, and you are on your own while you do it.


This is a good school despite some unfortunate flaws; the administration is awful, housing is hard to get, and the student body all goes home on the weekends. However, there are some really good teachers as well as some extremely interesting classes, so, academically it is very good.


Montclair State U is a diverse campus that puts a strong focus on the individual when it comes to learning.


It is what you make it, besides the lowsy housing.


A very dirty campus that dosn't seem to offer enough opertunities to the students which attend there.