Montclair State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are extremy helpful with one another.


My classmates are extremely friendly and welcoming; I believe that they had made the transition into my first year at college much easier.


All in it together.


it is very diverse. There are people for everyone to meet that will be in their life for a long time to come


Diversity is real here. You'll find all kinds of people and be friends with people you never thought you would be.


My classmates, in the right settings and classrooms, are fun-loving, helpful, and socialable.






My classmates are all so different that there isn't any way to descrice them.


Montclair State University is a very diverse campus, that is filled with friendly and welcoming students, eager to meet new people at the beginning of each new school year.


Montclair has a wonderful student population. It represents a very diverse amount of backgrounds, ethnicities, religious and sexual orientations, and interests. From my experience, students are very accepting and welcoming others and I really can't see any student feeling like they don't belong. This past year, the student body came together in a Rally for Unity in support of the LGBT community after a threat against them was written in the Student Center, posting slogans everywhere on campus that read "Hate is not an MSU Value." There are so many students that it is easy to find others with similar interests and make strong friendships. I have really enjoyed learning more about different religions, different countries, and different political views from other students and it has really enriched my college experience. Students naturally gravitate towards others with similar interests and backgrounds but standing in Sam's Place, the new dining hall on campus, you would see all different kinds of people sitting, chatting, and eating with each other. Though most of the student body is from New Jersey (97{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}), there is no lack in diversity and acceptance for others. Montclair is truly a melting pot of different people.


The students are all type of people. They are from all different types


There are many diverse people in my school. There is no category to put people in. There are quiet, loud, politically aware, liberals,etc.


My classmates in my class are really friendly. None of my classmates now or in the last were mean or showed a slit of dislike to anyone. Somtimes a classmate will show another classmate their notes with he/she didn't catch what the professor said.


Friendly, outgoing, encouraging, helpful, mostly all female.


The people at Montclair State stay in clicks and do not venture far outside of them. In general there are alot of wealthy people at the school. A majority of the students are very young. Then, you have alot of older people going back to school, veterans, and etc. Don't be fooled. Montclair is trying to expand. They will accept anyone.


The policy here is one of no tolerance. There are various religious and LGBT organizations on campus and issues have arisen between the community and some of these groups and reasonable actions have been taken. Mainly students wear informal clothes, except for what I can guess are certain business classes.


Overall, the students are accepting of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. There is a unity between the religious groups on campus. The LGBT community is accepted by the students as well. I do not believe that any student would feel out of place at this school. What most female students wear to class is a pair of jeans, a nice top, and accessories. What most males wear to class are work out clothes. I notice that different students interact around campus and that there are not a lot of prejudice people. There are some cliques on campus for the most part, but the students are still respectful of others. Most of the students are from Montclair and Clifton, New Jersey. There are some students that commute from New York City and there are some international students from China, Korea, and Japan. The high class is most prevalent at Montclair State University.


The students are fairly diverse at Montclair. There is a spot for everybody of every gender, race, and orientation. With the large selection of co-cirricular activities, there is bound to be at least one match for each student on campus.


It's always tough meeting new people, especially when you're in an atmosphere like your freshman year of college. Everyone is in the same boat as you, which you tend to overlook, and because of this it's actually very very easy to make friends. My first day at Montclair I met two of my best friends by walking into their open room and saying hi. Everyone's doors are open, people are visiting and introducing each other left and right. It's a very friendly atmosphere.


my classmates are very helpful and friendly. they tend to love helping each other and have the mentality that asking a question is not an issue, you can never ask too many questions


I just started so I'm really not sure yet.


Ecclectic artists who see the world as the soul of the people living in it. Sporty classmates who play with spirit on their sleeves and passion on their back and in their head. Musicians who play for the world , but bring messages through notes and beats. They sing with everything in their hearts. My classmates make me the person I am because I admire every single one of them for their passion and dedication they bring to their majors.


Keep to themselves


My classmates are socialable and helpful.


The students at Montclair State University are well-rounded, well-grounded, and dedicated to academic achievement; furthermore, the classmates are friendly and enjoy making new friends and participating in safe activities that promote both a healthy and active lifestyle.


The fact that Montclair State University is such a diverse environment makes it easy for me to feel comfortable. My fellow students and I come from such different backgrounds that it makes class dicussions a great deal more interesting than if we originated from the same areas, due to the fact that different cultures have different opinions and views on certain topics. We became fast friends and were able to form strong bonds that ultimately helped us out during exam periods and study sessions.


There are few classes where you really get to even know your classmates.


The kids here are fine, they have good intentions, but they are not very social.


My classmates are young and some have no clue how valuable their education is.


They care about their grades and are usually interested in the subject being taught.


Most students keep to themselves.


There is always the students that sit in front of the class and answer questions for the professor, and vice versa, while there is always the students that sit at the back of the class and never participate in the discussions.


The friends that I have made and the people with whom I attend school are nothing short of amazing; I can't believe it I hadn't chosen MSU, all of the life-lessons that I would not have been taught by then and the wisdom that I would not have gained from being around these intelligent and well-rounded students, young and old.


very helpful and friendly


They are very fun and some are crazy.


My classmates are always very friendly and helpful.


there's a lot of students who are into greek life so thats good if youre into it. if not, like me, then you might feel lost. there is really nothing to do on the weekends, you need to get a car and find your own fun.


My classmates tend to be very antisocial with one another, but I try to talk to all of them.


Some of my classmates are smart, many are lazy and complain, others are average.


Everyone is friendly and outgoing.


Determined, intelligent indiviuals who are all passionately devoted to our future careers.


Diverse in age, gender and ethnicity.


Diverse group of students who are sometimes willing to do work and sometimes get stressed over tests and and love to party. but when finals and midterms roll around, its all about studying til your brain goes crazy.


In major classes they tend to be good and close knit, however in other classes I have never associated with a classmate and there is no association between others in the class.


Outgoing, friendly


My class mates are apethetic and uninvolved.


They are definitely not deep thinkers and like to have things handed to them; rather than doing a little intellectual legwork themselves.


My classmates are friendly and open-minded. They have very different backgrounds in theatre and work well to incorporate the ideas of other students for group projects. THey are very open to different people outside of the classroom which makes living together interesting and fun.