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Montclair State a beautiful camplus in a nice quiet town. Most of the other schools I considered had metropolitan style campuses. Their campuses seemed to be in the middle of the city. Mpntclair on the other hand had a full campus which I think adds to the overall campus experience. At Montclair State,one can experience the campus itself and campus life without the influence of the surrounding. Althought this is not to say that one should not experience life off campus for there is much to enjoy in the town of Montclair.


The unique thing about this Univerity is that it is cheaper than the other Universities in New Jersey. As well what attracted me to this University was that there was a BA and MA program for psychology majors in five years. Which makes me happy and focus to finish school early and save money. The unique thing is that everyone is very friendly, because in my neighborhood one look and it means trouble. While in Montclair State everyone greets each others in manner. Another thing is that there is always help anywhere you go.


Even though Montclair State is located in New Jersey, I have met completely different people. Though my school is the second largest school in the state, it has this homely feeling as if everyone knows each other. There are some professors and faculty members at this school who truly care about the students' success and they will go above and beyond to make sure everything is okay with you.


The teachers are really great and motivate you to do school work. They also help you in any way they can. They trully are understanding towards students facing hardships while in school. Also everyone at school has fun while working on their school work, be it inside or outside of the classroom. The school organizes many events to help relax the students and also so the students can enjoy themselves. We have a diner open 24/7 so you won't go hungry while on campus. Teachers treat you like an individual and give you the respect you deserve.


Montclair has a lot to offer if the college experience is taken seriously. The academics in my major are solid, and the work is certainly doable if properly managed with social time. Montclair is a dry campus, so if you are looking to attend a party school, this is not for you. This school would be a good fit for many students because of its large selection of majors.


Student to teacher ratio


Unlike, many other schools Montclair State has given me the option to either communte or dorm on their campus. I was interested in a school that could offer me the same possibilities as a school that requires their students to dorm. I have the chance to come home and still attend school. Afterall, Montclair State is the perfect distance away from my home yet its far enough to gain a new experience. Its community is friendly and home to its students.


The school is filled with very diverse students who want to make a difference in the world. I also enjoy the new work out faccility, it helps students keep in shape and decrease their level of stress.


I chose Montclair State University because the faculty truly takes an interest in the student body and how they can help further students' education while still giving them skills that they will be able to use out in the "real world". I felt secured in knowing that I was in good hands and could turn to anyone for help if I had any questions concerning my education. The school's diversity was another factor that tipped the balance for me because I knew that this would help me become into a well-rounded individual.


My school is smaller than most I applied to, and so is capable of better catering to special needs of students. I was pleasantly surprised with how welcoming and accomodating the school and faculty are in regard to gender, sexuality, as well as mental and physical disabilities.


Most the classes are small like 30 people at the most where the professor knows your name and everyone else knows you too.


The arts programs are highly recognized and supported by the administration.


okay so this is basically a really good school if you're a commuter and interested in just getting a degree and getting out. it also has a really good musical theatre program, but even still... i kinda wish i could take back my 2 years of living on campus and being bored, but it's too late now!


I only applied to small schools, in search for a community feel. At Montclair State University, I have definitely found it. With a large commuter population, the on-campus portion allows you to see many of the same people from time to time, allowing you to mix groups of friends and create new friends within them. It has opened my eyes to individual personalities from different students who come from all over the state and many of New Jersey's bordering states.


The campus is in a fairly suburban area but has easy access to the city.


All the colleges I considered were out of state, and I even attended one of them before transferring to Montclair State. I think this school was different, because it is close to home for me, and also in a city enviroment. It puts a lot of emphasis on "Greek Life" as well, which the other schools I considered did not; however, I am not in a sorrority and there is no pressure to pledge. Everyone is invited to their sponsored events, regardless of affiliation.




Montclair offers a lot of choice, and it is much more welcoming then the other schools I applied to. I feel very comfortable and that I received a benefitting education over the years. Going to Montclair helped me to shape my future and become the best I can be.


This school has smaller class sizes and is concentrated on one campus, as opposed to several different campuses. It was also cheaper than the other colleges I considered.


I didn't really consider anywhere else. The music program is excellent.


the size enough people to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed


Montclair's music department was very open and welcoming. I felt connected to the professors before I even decided to go there. I was offered a free lesson, tours around the campus, and the chance to spend the day with someone in my intended major. That positive environment really stuck with me when it came time to decide on a school.


Although we are not that big of a university, we have a high level of school spirit. People get along really well with one another and all the students. The students at Montclair State University tend to stick together with one another, we have a high level of respect and we all are concerned about safety on campus. The students are also really involved on school campus, most students attend athletic events as well as plays that go on around campus. Also, we tend to have classes with the same group of people, so you get to know people.


This school is not a too big or too small. I feel so welcomed here. The professors really enjoy what they do and teach. I don't think that I have met a teacher that was disinterested in what they were teaching. I saw their passion and enthusiasm.


Montclair State U is a fun place to relax at even after you're finished with the day's classes.


its really close to new york city.


I would have to say that the number one reason I chose Montclair over other Universities was because of it's beautiful and convient campus. The school also allowed freshman to park a car on campus. Unfortunatly that option no longer exsists because of the high commuter rate.