Montclair State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I would have to say the two most popular groups on campus are ResLife which are the Resident Assistants and Student Assistants and greek life


probably the sports teams on campus


There are over 200 clubs and activities. Honestly, I would just say there's something for everyone. And if you can't find something it's super easy to make your own organization.


The Student Government Association, the Recreation Center, and SLAM (Student Life at Montclair) are very big student groups on campus. The SGA manages all the student organizations and clubs and also plans and runs several events for the student body through the year. They vote on events, budgets, fundraisers, etc. The Rec Center employs a large number of students and they also plan and run various events throughout the year that are heavily attended by students on campus. They often give away big prizes through games, including iPads! They have also done trips like White Water Rafting. SLAM additionally does a lot of event planning with the SGA, including Winter Ball and Spring Bash (two formal dinner events for students) as well as concerts with artists such as Jason Derulo, Cartel, and New Found Glory. These are just a few but there are over 150 clubs! I have been a member of the Rhythm Nation Dance Club since last fall. We are an entirely student run group and we choreograph all of our own dances, which we perform at various events throughout the year both on and off campus, including Battlegrounds (a talent showcase hosted by the Unified Asian American Student Organizatioin - UAASO), Relay for Life (hosted by Colleges Against Cancer), Giggles Children's Theater at St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson, and our annual Spring Showcase. We coordinate various fundraisers and events through the year as well, both for our club and for charity. Some other things to do on campus include attending student productions (plays, showcases, recitals, musical theater shows, etc), athletic events (MSU has 17 division 3 sports), and free food/game nights hosted by other clubs. There is always a variety of things to do and see on campus, and every Friday the entire student body is sent an email listing what events are going on for that upcoming week. One of Montclair's biggest events is Homecoming. Homecoming is more than just a football game. All of the student organizations come together to represent student life at MSU and hold a big showcase where various organizations compete with a skit relating to the theme of that year's Homecoming. Trophies are awarded to the best skits and special prizes are given out. Local business come on campus to give away free merchandise and a big BBQ is held each year. Frats and sororities are always big participants in Homecoming. Montclair's little claim to fame is that it has the only 24 hour diner on a college campus in the nation, which is named the Red Hawk Diner after its mascot. On weekends the diner is often bustling with students past midnight enjoying a good meal with friends, perhaps after a show or event on campus. During midterms and finals it is also popular in the early hours of the morning as students are up late studying. It's a great place for a social gathering with friends.




None really. I know that there are always activities, discussion groups, etc that are held. People are so diverse I am unable to mention all.


There are too many numerous groups and organizations on campus for me to list and describe them all. Last year as a freshman in my dorm I would leave my door unlocked during the day because it allowed all my friends and anyone who needed to ask me a question could just come in. However now in this new dorm the layout is different and I can't really leave my door open so I feel less connection.


The most popular organization on campus is the Caribbean Student Organization, the Haitian Student Association, the Indian Culture Club, the International Student Organization, and the Latin American Student Organization. I am the secretary of a group called Change Collegian Network which is a class III organization from the Student Government Association. Change Collegian Network is a Christian on-campus college ministry focused on evangelizing the lost and the discipleship of the found. Located on various college campuses, CCN incorporates on-campus Bible study, praise, worship, apologetics, evangelism, and on/off campus outreaches. CCN also provides mentorship, hosts men/women retreats, Spring break and Summer mission trips, special events, a School of Leadership, and free Evangelism Crash Courses for churches. The organization has had opportunities to have an open dialogue with Muslims and Jews in the past and has also co-sponsored with the Haitian Student Association. The students in their dorms leave their doors open. Everyone is welcoming on campus. There are many events that students can attend during the school year. The school plans several trips to musicals, baseball games, and nature outings. There are not a lot of parties on campus. Fraternities and Sororities are important at Montclair State University and there are many to choose from. I usually stay on campus even though I am a commuter. I enjoy being on campus and going to the different events that the clubs have to offer. On a Saturday night you can go work out, go ice skating at the Yogi Berra Museum on campus, or check out a movie at the library to watch at home. Off campus there are many stores and restaurants around the area. I usually go eat at Cuban Pete's or I go grab some ice cream at Cold Stone.


Intramural sports are popular on campus because a wide array of sports are offered to the students for the fall, winter, and spring seasons. In addition, many students are involved with the student newspaper and radio/broadcasting programs. The College of the Arts plays a large role at Montclair, offering opportunities for drama clubs, admission to shows, and integrations of academic programs with performances.


Sports and athletics are extremely popular at MSU. Some of our varsity teams are among the best in the nation. Even if you're not a varsity athlete there are a ton of intramural and club sports that you can try. I had never played ultimate frisbee or raquetball before my freshman year, and now it's something I'm able to do whenever I want. Fraternities and sororities are very big too, and even though I'm not a part of one, it's still easy to hang out with the crowd.


the sports teams kinda suck. theres not much action on campus, parties are hit or miss. campus life kinda sucks actually.