Montclair State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The endless amount of programs acessible to me.


I brag most about the proximity to New York City.


The ratio of how many girls there are to guys because I know for myself a school with more women then men is enjoyable and a lot of my friends found their special someone here at college.


I brag about the fact that I have access to studio rooms in which I can stay for hours (even at night) getting my work done and the fact that there are a lot of activities I can do on campus. (Activities/events happening everyday) Montclair is a diverse school, although, there are others schools that have diversity, the fact that I see it profoundly makes it even better; this is something that I love since I grew up in a heavily diverse community.


I brag about the friendliness of people and the number of orginizations I can join. I also brag about the smaller classes and how involved the professors are.


The brand new dorms and gym on campus. It's right outside of the city so we have a large and diverse student community.


I brag about the diversity on campus. In my high school, there was not so diverse. Now, I can socialize with people who are unique and different from me. I think that makes a difference on my outlook of my future. Also, I learn more about others. This will help me gain stronger communication skills.


When I talk about my school, I usually brag about the environment. When I picked a college, it was very important to me to pick a place not so far from home and where I could feel comfortable. Montclair is pretty much my second home. It is the place where I spend most of my time, and I love every single second I’m there. There are so many things you can do. For example, this past weekend we had a homecoming concert in which Jason Derulo was perfoming. It was nice to see so many people being involved.


Montclair State gives you the resources of a larger state school, but still manages to provide the feeling of community that you would get at a smaller school. Classes are usually fairly small, and never have more than 100 students, even the classes with that many students are usually just the introductory classes, and I have had classes with only 10 students. The professors get to know who you are and care that you do well.


That the classes and the level of education is superb and the teachers are excellent. The attitude of other students and their friendliness


I brag the most about having a 24 hour cafe a sushi bar and that I can be in New York City in a Half hour.


The campus is so pretty. There are two train stations on campus, all you can do is pay $10 and take a hour train ride and you are in NYC. Its quick and easy. From some parts of the campus you are actually able ot see teh New York city skyline!


Its a school with just the right amount of people. Its a beautiful place with a lot of fun people. If your looking for a great place to study montclair is your school. thw school is 15 minutes away form new york city, so you can always go there any nite you want.


How it is very nice with good beaches, mountains and weather.


havent attended yet


MSU is very fun and the curriculum is very fair based on the class. Ive never had any problems witht he proffesors and all my classes are very interesting


I just enjoy going there.




We have a lot of school spirit and I have a lot of close friends here that will be my friends for the rest of my life. I met some of my best friends here.


the campus is call, quiet and you get all that you need from a good education


I like how the campus is concentrated in one area and how everything is within walking distance.


the exceptional teacher education program, recently ranked as one of the top 10 in the nation.


I tell my friends that my campus is one of the biggest campuses in New Jersey. That are we have great access to the city since we have a train station right on our campus. That the school itself is beautiful. The school has many different types of students. And we have a great view of New York City.


Sadly, I do not brag about anything when speaking of my school. Unfortunately, I attend a largely commuter school that has no school spirit, sense of community, or social life.


I think my school is very nice and i like to brag about the appearance of it. It's a nice environment.


how its so close to home and also so close to the city.


The athletics at the school are very good. A new rec center was just built.