Montclair State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I knew about bus services that this university provides for their students. I believe that if I had known about this earlier that this would have improved the quality of my stay here at Montclair State University. With the buses avalible for students, it allows me to explore places during my free time when I am not studying to further my education. I also wish that I had learned more about the teaching program and how great it is here. I am now interested in enrolling in the program to become a special education teacher.


While visiting Montclair as a senior in highschool, I wish I was told how critical it is to get involved within campus activities and clubs. Within Monclair, I was able to join Montclair University Gamers, MUG, and through my involvement I was able to meet great friends. The University offers activities via email, but you must research yourself to find the right club to join. There were no fairs or activities to meet the various clubs on campus, and this left me wondering what would fit within my hobbies. I wish there was a more orginzed system within Montlcair clubs.


I wish I knew how windy and cold it was in the winter and that it was a school where people lived closer too since most go home on the weekends leaving the campus empty.


I wish I had understood that no matter who is around you, you must focus on your own personal success. As a first semester college student, you have no one but yourself to motivate you to get out of bed and succeed in which ever field you have chosen. It can be difficult when many other students do not follow that model, but having the confidence, drive, and determination to pursue your goals, even when you feel like giving up, is what distinguishes you as the best student you could possibly be.


I wish I had known the difficulty each student have to face financially while attending this school. This school is not as cheap as it says it will be. I believe that I need to work at least 2 part time jobs to keep up the expenses with this school. I would have saved all my money till attending this university. Right now, I'm struggling everyday.


I wish I had known how expensive the school is, and that I'd probably hardly get any financial aid what-so-ever


I wish I had known how difficult requirements for the Teaching Program were! In order to be accepted into the Teaching Program, one must meet multiple class requirements as well as the ability to display knowledge about the teaching world. The program requires rigorous standards, but will also be a great preparation for our future careers as teachers.


I wish i knew how much fun it was to be on campus. I decided that it was better for me to commute but once i started college i realized how commuting was not for me. It is very tough to come back and forth while also handling a job at school. If i had known this, i would have made the decision to live on campus and enjoy all the activities Montclair offers. I thought college was just about going to classes but in order to have the real college experience it is very important to get involved.


I'm not sure yet.


I wish I had known a little bit more about the campus itself and transportation to and from campus. Transportation is a bit limited and it is difficult and costly to travel around even neighboring towns. I also wish I had known how demanding all my classes would be. If I had known the amount of time it would take to do all my class work I would have possibly taken fewer classes.


I wish I had known that the school doesnt have a very good soccer team. Being a soccer player with exceptional talent, I couldn't join or play for the school's soccer team because they are still really struggling and have a long way to go inorder to achieve elite campus soccer status among peer or rival colleges and universities.


I wish I had known that living on campus was not worth the money, and I wish I had known that I would not receive any kind of grant or financial gift for my good grades. I also wish I knew how difficult the work would be and how expensive textbooks would cost.


I'm satisfied with what I know.


I wish I had known of the windy climate of this school; I never thought the wind could be so significantly more powerful at the school than the streets outside the school.


The total cost of attendance and the systematic way of the availabilty of classes and courses


That everyone, goes home on the weekends, so in turn the weekends are very boring. Also I wish I researched more into what I wanted to do, and looked into the fact that they don't offer much job placement post graduation.


That living on campus can sometimes be more of a hassel and definitely too expensive for what you actually get.


I wish I had known that some of the staff was not very compotent. It cost me an extra year at school because my advisor didn't do a very good job handling my scheduling when I enrolled. I also wish I had known about the school's tendency to over-enroll students - this caused a huge problem with over-booking dorms and classes and also made it impossible to get parking on campus.


that it is a huge commuter school.


I knew most of what I needed to know when I came here, but I guess I wish I had known that all registration procedures would be carried out on the internet. Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with my knowledge of my school.


It is mostly a commuter school. Campus is dead and there isn't a whole lot to do on weekends and I wish that I had known that.


that it's so dead on weekends and you need to get off campus to find anything to do.


Honestly, just how unavailable professors are and how some of them can be the most obnoxious and rude staff of the entire unversity. Also, I would have liked to know that the parking situation at my school is deplorable.


I wish I had known how much I was going to love it here, just to put my mind at ease. This school is everything that I hoped it would be. What more can I say?


I wish I had known about the less than favorable quality of the on-campus dorms so I could have saved a few extraneous trips to the store once I got to school to make my living space more comfortable. The on-campus apartments are beautiful though!


How difficult it was to recieve a decent amount of financial aid. :-(


I wish I had known how little financial aid they were willing to offer their students. It was a real dissapointment especially for someone who desperately needs aid the way I do.


How difficult parking would be