Montclair State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I received a job offer in the field of my major before I had finished my final course in school counseling. Montclair fully prepared me and supported me throughout my educational career. Currently, I am successful working as a school counselor. I attribute much of my success to the professors in the counseling program. My professors were diverse, dedicated and engaging.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the overall atmosphere of acceptance it provides to its students.


The best thing about my school is the amount of weekly activities. I appreciate the emails called "In the Loop," which inform students of what events are taking place throughout the day. This way nobody is left behind or out of the loop about fun things to do on campus.


The diversity among the student body and faculty, and the experience and knowledge of the faculty in each field. It provides the students with the ability to not only learn from the professors, but also from our peers. The experience of our faculty provides us with a rich account of the desired field, along with different perspectives due to the diversity among the staff.


The best thing about the campus is the way that it looks. The main lecture hall is very nice and it is what impressed me when I first visited the school. You learn, however, that the looks of a school are important, but they should never be a deciding factor. I do love how they decorate all the trees in the winter with lights. It is very beautiful, and it makes the campus feel friendly.


The campus has buses and a train station that provide transportation directly to New York City.


The one thing i like more in the school are the students,lecturers and the support staff that make up the school.They are very friendly and supportive and make you fite in easily and have a great time.The school is magnificant and has beautiful buildings and student facilities.Buses are provided to take you around the school ,that how big it is.Montclair state university also offer a high quality education.Not only does that student graduate with honours but also gain usefull knowledge and moral qualities beneficial to the society.


The school is investing in its growth and has enlarged the campus in amnay different areas.


The best thing about Montclair is the people; students and staff. The people here made me feel at home when I came to visit in the summer and thats why I choose this school over two others


Besides the great academics programs and classes offered here, the 'hangout/study' areas available are great! I love coming to campus just to sit in the quad (the big grassy area in the middle of campus) to read or listen to people play music. It's a great campus to meet people. There is also so much around.. a quick train ride to NYC is great!


The best thing about Montclair State University is a real school because you are living the real college life and the campus is big but not too big. Mycampus has many useful resources for the students and there is always something going on for us to be involved in.


I consider the large number of student resources around the Montclair State University campus the best thing about my school. There is a center for everything you need. Its great having a place like the Writing Center on campus and the Women's Center. These different resources really help each individual person with their specific problems and concerns.


The Class size and professors. The professors are very caring and helpful. They are willing to work very hard to help you do your very best throughout the semester. The class sizes are also great because there are usually no more than 25-28 people in a class unless a lecture and it helps create a better and more comfortable classroom enviorment for myself (the students) and the professor to openly communicate to or with.


The diversity b/c I get to learn about different kinds of people.


The campus is wonderful and comforting. The faculty, staff and student body is welcoming and helpful in everything. There are many activities to be a part of and it is very difficult to be bored on campus. Many study aread all over the campus make it easy to find a place to do your work, and the computer labs are easily accessible for any work needed to be done.


The activities and musical shows performed


My school has a variety of clubs to get involved with, as well as high quality academic programs to pursue your undergraduate degree. The clubs represent many ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious groups. Also, students can get involved with Greek life. I am involved with two Christian organizations, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and Campus Crusade for Christ. My current major is Molecular Biology, and I am in my school's Health Careers Program to increase my competitiveness for medical school. As you can see, my school offers programs that provide advising and support as I pursue my goals.


The teachers are awesome. They all really know their stuff and really like getting to know their students. Campus is pretty, if a little small, and people are generally friendly. Lots of activities happening on campus, including ones that are specifically for commuters. I used to a theatre major and the department an amazing learning environment. Teachers in the English department are pretty cool too, very open minded.


havent attended yet


The best thing about this school is it's diversity. There are people from so many cultural, religious, gender, and other backgrounds and there are also organizations for those specific diversity groups.


The best thing about this school is definately its diverse campus. People of every race come to this school and are all welcomed regardless of differences between color, religion, sex, etc.


I love the campus and my courses. I feel very at home on this campus and there aren't a lot of lecture halls. Most classes only have about 20-30 students and I feel very comfortable in them.


The best thing about my school is its size, because its not too big or too small.


The best things about school are probably the girls, there are so many of them.


It's a big school and has lots of different things to do.


The best thing about my school is that no matter how diverse everyone is, we can all come together to learn what we love. In my case, the music department is made of of many unique individuals, yet we still share a common passion. It is that passion that lets us make new friends and find common ground between people we might never have looked twice at.


Montclair State University provides an extraordinary blend of artistic opportunities and athletic opportunities. Neither area of entertainment dominates the campus and supporters are both types often unify in support of one another. Though Montclair is a commuter campus, leaving it slightly barren on weekends, there are always emails sent out with events for students to attend, participate in, or organize. A student's schedule here can be filled with as many fun and exciting elements as he or she pleases!


How much everyone who goes there loves being there.


The Industrial Design major, the major that i am currently involved with. the major seems to me to be the only major on campus that has very dedicated professors that care about there students. the major is activly seeking to better there facilities and reasources, as well as provide a more fruitfull experience to the students within that major.


If i had to describe the campus to my friends I would say the best thing about the campus is the location. I can hop onto the train at anytime and within 40 minutes I'm in the city.


A beautiful new gym and recreation center was just built. It is a great place for working out, fitness calsses, swimming, playing basket and racquet ball, etc. for free and for job opportunities and interacing with others and getting involved in campus life.