Montgomery College Top Questions

Describe how Montgomery College looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is not that exciting because it's a small community college campus with nothing fun to do.


Overall, you get what you pay for basically its a place where a bunch of different groups of people are trying to get the basics out of the way.


MC is a wonderful school. The teachers are very serious at what they do and the institution is diversified


My school offers me endless possibilities where every day another door opens, giving me a chance to explore my future and dreams of achieving anything with some of the best programs offered such as the Montgomery Scholars which is the honors program that I am part of.


Montgomery College is a great school to get started at mostly due to their availability of different curriculums, great professors, and ample diversity.


My school is nationally ranked community college that offers quality education, exciting extracurriculars, and excellent transfer opportunities.




Montgomery College is physically small, but has a large student population. The Rockville campus is pretty much always crowded and there's usually a line for everything (food, registration, advising, ids, etc...). However most offices are fairly efficient, and lines move quickly. Class sizes are usually pretty small, at least compared to most 4 year schools (think 20-30 students instead of 100 or more). And since the campus is small, it's also easy to get from one class to the next.


A reputable institution where all students, regardless of income, sex or race can come together and receive an outstanding education from professors who have both the passion and the credentials for educating the future leaders of this country.


Not my first choice, but a good place to get an education with lots of helpful people -- a place that really has to potential to change people's lives.