Montgomery College Top Questions

Describe the students at Montgomery College.


Since many of the students are from different region of the world, many of them are willing to communicate and interact with others.


My classmates are smart and hardworking.


It is like an anthill; everyone seems very busy. If one could look from far above one could confuse MC for a colony of ants. Rushing from one class to the next, from one activity to another and that is how the day goes at MC.

Daenna Marie

My classmates are outgoing and nice once you actually put yourself out there.


Variety is the key word to my classmates, whether old or young you'll find so many different souls in the classroom all gatheres in for one goal- to learn.


Everyone on this campous is kinda in the point a to point b mode, not very much on the chit chat side or helpful unless you ask them stuff in the classroom.


Classmates are always willing to create a bond and help one another out to succeed.


They are resilient, trustworthy, and kind.


My classmates are what you call insanely cool.


My classmates have a wide range of age and appear to be very self absorbed.