Montgomery College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Montgomery College?


We have better food then Richard Montgomery High School.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school are the professors. At Montgomery College, are some of the most incredible professors in the world. Full of knowledge, insight, experience, and care the professors make learning enjoyable. The professors at Montgomery College care very much about the success and future of their students. Many classes are a fair size where the professor does know your name, and can answer any questions that one may have. It is a more personalized education, and it is absolutely amazing for students looking to have an easier transition to college.


The convenience of classes and the intimacy in the classrooms. When maneuvering from class, at most, I walk about seven minutes between buildings. All the buildings on campus are relatively close, enabling students and myself to transition between classses with ease. The intimacy within the classrooms is also a bonus, one is recieving a great education while having that one on one connection with their professor.


I tell my friends about how much money I saved by going to my school and how personable the professors and faculty are.


Montgomery college is one the best colleges in the country and has a very good ranking. Students who graduate from this college usually get jobs easily in the country and many universities welcome students from Montgomery College at the transfer time.


I brag about how easy it is to get around campus and how a lot of the students are very down to earth.


The teachers.... All the teachers here want to see you make it and not fail. That what makes me like coming to school knowingn that I have a support system at school is a great movatition to do what I have to do to make it.


My school is very diverse, we have people from all over the get to have one on one communication with the professors and the faculty are always willing to assist you.I get to interact with people from different background .the campus is very beautiful and I like the fact that there is a new renovation going on to expand our science facilities. we have different activities that you can enjoy such as the African carribean club, economics clubs and so many more. in the beginning of every semester there are different activities on the campus.


Montgomery College has been ranked one of the top community colleges in the country! It has three successful campuses, very well trained teachers, and a wide range of classes. At both Rockville and Germantown campuses, students have full-time access to an extensive library with many computers, olympic pool, weight training and cardio rooms, and lounge rooms. At Rockville, we have a big theater building, two art buildings, and a huge new science building. For a community college, we are one of the best! Rockville Campus is comparable to what any small-sized university can offer-only better!


I brag most about the great professors and interesting classes that I have at my college to my friends. My classes are very interesting and fun, making it a great enviroment to learn in easily, so I am very proud and enjoy going to my classes all the time and hate to skip. The great teachers and enviroment to learn in is defiantely something to brag about to my friends all the time.