Montgomery College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Montgomery College?


The most frustrating aspect about my institution is student parking. I am aware that there are a vast amount of students attending the institution, but the parking lots are very compact and filled before the majority of my classes. Thus making it difficult for me to find parking before my class satrts. At times I have to plan to arrive to campus two-three hours prior to my classes just to secure a parking spot.


I think the most frustrating this about Montgomery College is that the teachers are not as engaging with the students as I would hope they would be. Given, it may only be the teachers that I have chosen, but I have been here for about 2 years now. They seem to be more focused on just powerpoints and lectures and leave the rest up to the students. If there was more interaction I think that people would enjoy sticking around and forming more study groups.


The most frustrating thing about my school is its inability to properly screen all professors before they are allowed to teach courses to its students. Unfortunately, some professors see teaching as a reason to inflate their egos and practice unnecessary power trips involving the academic well being of well to do students. It?s almost like some professors at my college have forgotten why they chose to become instructors. I believe that not just my school, but all colleges and universities should keep surveillance over the way their professors instruct.


As a commuter school, the chances for community and friendship building at Rockville Montgomery College are small. Students drive to campus, rush off to classes, and leave as soon as their last class ends. There are few activities on-campus, and the clubs are very small and often fall apart. Its too bad, because we're all college freshmen looking for friendships! If only there was a big recreation area, or something to attract students to stay longer on campus and meet other students. Lack of community is the most frustrating thing about my school.


1.My school has a good student teacher ratio of 19:1 but I would prefer something more like 10:1. 2.I hear that ecpi does all the research for the students for scholarships so they never have to fill out anything. The cost for this should be covered by school in tuition.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking. My school is planning on building a parking garage in the near future, but I wish it could be done now. Parking is the biggest pet peeve I have with the school. I arrive to school an hour before my first class begins so that I can get a good parking. One day, it took me 45 minutes to find parking. That day was the day I had a final on. Thank goodness I had a chance to take it before he graded it. Parking is the most frustrating thing.