Montgomery County Community College-West Campus Top Questions

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I would have to say that I enjoy Montco for numerous reasons. the cost is fractional compared to the other schools that are in my area. I am a firm believer in attending community college first. The teachers are great and it is very personal due to the class sizes. I find it better to get the attention I need in the classroom with a smaller setting rather than a class with say a hundred.


My school is unique because of the oppurtunities the school provides. My community college provides classes that will transfer to all state schools in Pennsylvania. I am planning to attend West Chester University next fall. Luckily, only two of my classes will not transfer to West Chester University. My community college is a great experience because it affordable and reliable.


It's fairly affordable compared to many other schools out there which is definitely a plus, but what I like most about my school that makes it unique is that it is always trying to improve and do something new for the students to appreciate. My school will have an evaluation after every semester in order to make sure that everything that can be done, is being done. There is always something going on for the students benefit such as a workshop or gathering of some sort and they are always educational as well as fun!