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I wanted a school that would have the same degree as the former college I attended. Montreat, not only offered me the same areas of i nterest, but they are also a faith based College. It's important to be able to identify your personal life and have an education as well as intergrate education in the real world. Faith is part of my life, so I wanted a College that would help build on that. Students should want a College and education that will help them discover themselves for now and the future.


It is a private college and the people help you with your transition into college.


Many schools claim to be Christian, but Montreat means it. At Montreat College, students are not required to be Christian, but are required to attend chapel and are introduced to all subjects through a Christian lens. The Christian ideals are intergrated into every subject, from the arts to the sciences, from history to math, and everything in between.