Moore College of Art and Design Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You can do this. Live on campus. Work hard. Eat a vegetable a day. Work hard. Never stop making. Dont let others discourage you. The weirder the better. Make things well and you will do fine, dont skimp. I know youre worried, but you can do this. READ EVERYTHING. Dont skip on the readings even if they are boring and dey, you will only get smarter. No one cares what you look like, they care about what you can do. Drink some water. Explore the city. Find inspiration. Keep making. You can do this.


If I could give advice to my high-school-self about college, I would say the following: I know there has been an extreme amount of pressure ever since your freshman year to have a plan and stick to it. Believe me, I remember how stressful that was. However, I need you to know that although you do not feel young, you are and you have so much more time than you realize to make important decisions. It is not set in stone when it comes to the best way to obtain a college education. Even though I should not spoil anything, I want you to know that you will end up waiting over four years to make the jump into college, but the wait ends up leading to more benefits than you can wrap our head around. Honestly, you do not need to make any changes with the way you handle college in the future. The main advice you need to hear is to just not worry or stress out about feeling behind. Like I said, it actually works out for the better.


These days, I realize how small and contained my world of high school was. Contrarily, at 17 I thought I knew and could do anything! I still believe anything is achievable, but now understand the effort required to make it happen. Seeing myself as a Senior, I'd advise that when you work hard, things get easier so in your work, act with beauty, purpose, and intent. -Become responsible for the choices you make. Every action leads to a reaction, so pay attention and learn to problem solve opposed to blame shift. -Go to class! You're not paying tuition to skip. -When attending out of state, find friends that can see you eye-to-eye instead of having to "watch" one another. -Give back! Volunteering is the best way to get to know a new community and it's members. -Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way... unknowingly you're building your resume. -Don't trouble in finding a man, they're there. -Allot yourself recreational time. Plan trips and adventures so you have something to look forward to and work towards. -Thank your parents and keep them close. They're the best support for you.


Kid, you have some changes to make in yourself before you graduate. Here are some things you should do before the big day: Mingle with more people Break out of your shell Learn why people like being stupid Break some rules Get at least one detention, just one KEEP mingling with people, don't quit Find that boyfriend Join a club Join NAHS Help backstage Care more Be less cold Go to more PEP Rallies Give him a chance Learn how to dance Learn how to make speeches Take a philosophy course Go volunteer Donate money Buy from bake sales See more school plays Appreciate learning even more Say goodbye to everybody when you go Tell her how much she helped you Be less shy, because it hurts Like gym class more Be a kid longer. Do these things, and I promise you that your life will be better later on.


At the end of my senior year in high school, I was unsure about which college to attend and even which major to choose. My art teacher guided me to Moore College of Art and Design and told me to simply 'try it out'. And that's exactly what I did. Moore opened my eyes to a new type of art. In high school I was strictly working in photography. Moore taught me new skills in drawing, design, art history and english. I have only completed my first semester of college at Moore but I immediately knew art school was right for me. I do not see my college classes as a pain, I simply see them as fun. I look foward to seeing my classmates everyday and taking on new projects that our teachers give us. Overall, I love Moore College, but I am considering transfering to the University of Arts for my sophomore year. I feel that Moore does not give enough attention to Photography, but no matter what, I would use this scholarship to better my education and pursue my dream career, photography, at an art college.


I have met some of the most amazing girls in the art field. They are all kind and helpful, and all the teachers know what they're doing and are willing to help make sure each student is helped and taught everything they need. We also have a lot of opportunites to be involved in the community and have chances to network within our fields, and others. The friendships made here will actually carry on and help you in your career path. I could not have chosen a school better suited for me!


I have gotten alot of my college experience. It may not have be a university but, It still gives me the tools I need to be successfull when starting my career. It has helped me get job, and although I have changed majors in my career (slighty), I am positive that going to college helps me even more. I know once I graduate, What I learned from going to college will give me the confidence and education to go and succeed in my career and even in life in general.


The world around us is constantly changing in both positive and negative ways. In order to best identify what is best for us, I have learned that we need to look beyond us and focus on the greater good. My return to college has been favorable in many ways, but primarily because I have learned that if you push for your dreams, the universe will work it's magic to make them happen. As a young, responsible female it may seem the world may oftentimes shut me out from opportunity, but college has taught me that I am the maker of those opportunities. Sometimes the world is a long, dim tunnel and we don't see the light. With education: light is everywhere, there are no windows because the world is an open window. When we learn to harbor knowledge and apply it we directly affect the direction of the future. We may not know it or realize it, but everytime someone comes to terms with "wanting to learn" versus "going to school" we are multidimensionally impacting the course of history. College has taught me to be the change I want to see in the world.


I have not attended college.


Being a older woman returning to school and being an artist is a unique combination. I waited 40 years to go to college and Moore College of Art and Design was always my dream. I finally decided to apply and attend part-time as this was all I could afford. When I am within the walls of Moore and attending classes, I am smiling ear to ear and this is when I am happiest. Attending college and learning more about Art History and being able to learn new techniques and produce various works of art really makes me feel fulfilled and whole. Moore provides me with an environment for learning which for me has been like none other I've experienced in my life. At my age, to have an environment in which to learn that makes me feel "whole" is a miracle in the making when I am there. I also feel more complete when I am inspired to create works of art.


I would tell myself to follow my dreams and work hard in school- that is will pay off in the long run and you will feel good about yourself and your life choices.


I would go back and tell myself that I should to develop better study patterns so that I could study better. Also, I would tell myself that I should get more involved in volunteering and extra curricular activities. And last but not least, I would tell myself to take my time and think more about the major I wanted to get into because in high school I thought I wanted to get into Fashion Design and about 3 yrs later, I realized how much I wanted to get into Jewelry Design.


At this point in my college career, I have been through three different institutions trying to find the right fit. I went to Drexel University and had to leave for monetary reasons, then had to go to Community College of Philadelphia for the past semester to make up credits so that I could go to Moore. When I was a high school senior, I had Moore at my fingertips, but decided to go to Drexel instead because I received their acceptance letter first. Being new to the whole college thing with my mother, who had not gone to college and knew about as much as I did, helping me out, I figured that I should just take what I had instead of waiting to hear from Moore. If I could tell myself anything, it would be to be patient and to think things through rather than rushing into a college I should have known wasn't right for me.