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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

I let my friends know that the classes are significantly cheaper, and the student can get more personalized attention from the instructors which is useful when the student is simply adjusting to the college workload. I also let my friends know that the staff is very friendly and that a lot of activities are available for the student as well. I tell them about the new fitness center and how it is free for full time students. I also tell them about the various learning options such as online or in the classroom.

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I brag primarily about the classes. The teachers are pretty laid back and the cirriculum is challenging yet easy at the same time. A majority of my teachers don't require students to turn in homework, which is pretty cool considering that I have zero time to do homework due to work and other activities. Though while they are lax about homework, they are strict on tests and projects. How well we do there determines our status and grade in the class.

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