Moraine Valley Community College Top Questions

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It is the only school I considered because it is a community college.


The most unique thing about my school is the ethnic/racial diversity. There are people from all different kinds of ethnic backgrounds. Just to name a few of the races present at my school there are some of the following: White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, European, and Middle Eastern. The cultural mix up is a great way for people to learn about other races and cultures. It also offers a better education in the class room because you get multiple points of view, and can make things very interesting to say the least.


Moraine Valley Community College is a very diverse school. It offers many different certificates and offers students different choice for Corporate America. Moraine is a very well known community college. The staff is very helpful on campus and the school offers us many different resources. It is a great choice for high school graduates to first start college off at. I am very happy with my decision to begin college here.

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