Moraine Valley Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To not procrastinate and make my decisions early on.


Make you sure you use a planner. Organization is the key to success. Even if it seems silly, color coordinate your folders and notebooks, get a daily planner, write a lot of notes, and stay organized overall.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to enjoy high school more but also to become prepared for college. I personally studied a lot my senior year of high school because I was inspired by my math teacher, and I wanted to earn good grades so that I could follow in her footsteps by becoming a math teacher myself . I would tell myself to develop good study habits and to use more resources that the high school has to offer. I would also tell myself to truly appreciate what the high school has to offer because college is so much more expensive and the books cost money as well. This is a hard adjustment for me because I am so used to receiving my books in class without having to pay money for them. I would also tell myself to have a sense of what to do with your life because it will make the scheduling of classes so much easier if you have a general direction of where you want to be in the future. I would tell myself to keep on working hard because in the end it will pay off.


Go to community college. High school doesn't really matter. Save your money and go to CC. Make sure to get a 3.5 or higher GPA, and keep track of scholarships too. Do extracurriculars for financial aid when you go to university.


My advice is get involved on campus. From what I can tell about college, it’s important to get involved in clubs and organizations. So, my advice is to get involved in clubs and organizations that interest you. It would be important because it would also teach me how to balance my social, academic, and personal life. It would also look good on a resume and may lead me to get a job or an internship. More importantly, it would help me gain a better perspective on certain areas in academia. People may be able to help me understand a topic better and even help me grow individually. Not only that, but it would also help me know my interests and hobbies. From there, I could go and see if I would want a job in that field or for a major. That would be my advice to my high school self.


When I was in high school and I had to choose a school to go to, I had a hard time picking just one school. A couple of my older friends suggested I go to Moraine Valley since they love it there and it is also close to home. I considered their idea and looked more into the school. If I would have known how great this school was, I wouldn’t have even considered my other options that I had in mind. If I knew all about Moraine before attending, I would have told myself to not be afraid to get involved and to not be afraid to talk to professors or advisors. I used to be afraid of asking for help or trying something new, but Moraine is such an organized and helpful school, that they literally help you through all the difficult situations you might have. Getting involved in clubs or organizations is so simple and very welcoming. Another really nice thing I wish I would have known my first year I attended Moraine is the job center. They offer internships, job, mock interviews and anything you would need to get a job. This is honestly amazing.


If I would have known what I know now my senior year I would have pushed myself more then. Just like many other seniors I took not so challenging classes and was just worried about prom and graduation. Although my GPA was at it's highest senior year, I could have challenged myself more. Taking all fun classes my senior year had me in a lazy stage, so when I got to Moraine Valley I was still somewhat in that stage. I wasn't ready for all the work about to be thrown at me. Even though I did get through it, it took a bit longer adjusting, because I was used to not having any work. I did learn from it though, and this semester I took on more challenging classes, because I need to prepare myself for the transfer to Illinois State University in the Fall of 2010. I know it's going to be more challenging there, especially since I'm going to be taking classes for my major. My senior year was enjoyable, but I think I could have enjoyed it while challenging myself as well. .


If I could go back in time, I would. As a student at a community college it is hard not to envy your fellow friend that chose to go to a big university. If I was given another opportunity; I would not be lazy, I would not procrastinate, I would have done the research necessary, but most of all I would have applied to different universities. As an architecture major, completing your general education before hand isn't necessary. In the architecture programs you start right away in architecture classes. Unfortunately this means I will be behind and I never wanted that. If I could go back in time I would have applied to different places and hoped for the best. Comunity college should have been my back up plan, not the actual plan.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school senior self I would tell him. College is very different form high school it will be hard but it is also the most rewarding. During college you will find out who you are and what you are meeant to do. try everything sieze every oppertunity that comes your way and regret nothing. I would also tell myself to follow his dreams and he should become a counselor because I know he really enjoys helpng people and that for him is the best way to accoplish his particyular goal.


Your degree is what will get you in the door of a career, but it's the knowlege that you've gained from your classes and experiences that will keep you there.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would have a lot of advice to give myself! I would tell myself that college is no joke, and that I should start practicing better study habits. I would tell myself to start applying for more scholarships because when you have to pay for school on your own it can be tough at times. I would say that I can't be lazy anymore and have to get use to trying my hardest on all homework assignments. I would also stress the fact that I need to begin reading more often so I can be ready for the tremendous amount of reading I will have to do in college. Those would probably be the most important pieces of advice that I would give myself if I could go back and talk to myself during my senior year. There are a lot of differences from high school to college, and I believe that I previously stated will help me make that transition more smoothly.


As much as I love Moraine Valley, I would have advised myself to apply to a 4-year university, rather than attend a community college. While there are many oppurtunities and experiences I can have at Moraine, I believe it is still holding me back. I am limited in classes I can take that pertain to my major and am not experiencing the full campus-life experience. While Moraine was a good choice financially I still would have attempted to convince my younger self to try harder in the last few months of high school and apply to higher up universities. But, had I been unsuccessful with that, I would have merely said to arrive to school early the first couple of days for parking and to meet as many people as possible. It's not much to advise, but it's two very important things I wish I had known upon entering the school for the first time.


One of the first things that I would tell myself is to always listen to my parents. As I was growing up, I learned that my parents know best so when they want me to have a higher learning of education then I should go with that advice. I started off getting my certificate instead and when I finished it, I realized I wasn't too satisfied with it so I am now going for my bachelor?s degree. If I had listened to my parents to begin with, I wouldn't have wasted 1.5 years. Another piece of advice I would tell myself is to have taken my AP classes more seriously so that I can use it for college credits. College is such a different environment than high school so I should tell myself to be really prepared but at the same time know that it?s an eye-opening experience that one should have because education is very important to have in your life.


The advice I would give myself as a college senior is to not worry so much about college. The problems always have solutions, the answers are there...just have to go looking for them.


The advice i would give is even though you are a senior, you cant really take school lightly because the process only gets harder, therefore focus on your future, and also let the fun part of life play its role, however do not let it overtake you and lead you to failure, thus let it lead you to great amounts of success. Also even though a senior in highschool, allow your self for a great challenge in the classes you take because that will help you greatly when goin into college.


When I was in high school the counselors did a horrible job of introducing college. If I could go back in time I would of made more of an effort to ask questions about the different colleges and universities and I would of also went and visited the schools. I would have visited so that I was able to talk to students already in college to see what the tansition was like and how they adjusted to it. The advice I would give myself is ask questions and explore every option.


I've always been an academically minded student and I rarely got anything but straight A's, so I would probably do a fair share of self congragulatory praise if I could go back. But I would tell myself that choosing Moraine Valley as my college of choice is a very sound decision; it's very cheap and you get the same general education you would get anywhere else. Actually, it's a fantastic school; the teachers are well learned and mostly knowledgeable about what they teach and there's no end to the amount of people you can meet there. I would probably remind myself to put more effort into studying rather than the last minute cramming I became accustomed to in high school.


Do you're best. It's not a joke and everything you do now and everything you do affects everything when transferring schools and scholarships!!! Even tho its a community college, its sometimes all you got! Work with your best and make the best with what you got!!


The simplest advice I would give is to stay focused and don't fall short your senior year in high school. You're going to get into a college whether it be a 2 year or a 4 year. Don't let that be the reason to slacking off you last year of high school. Accomplish everything with great success and responsibility. It will most definately pay off in the end.

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