Moraine Valley Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the price of the classes and the more personal attention to be the best thing about this school. I think the smaller class sizes are fantastic because as an incoming college student it gives me time to adjust to the workload and different environment that college has to offer. It provides a nice stepping stone to my intended university and dream career, and it allows me to earn my associates and eventually earn my bachelors at the university. I enjoy learning at this school, and it is within close distance to my house as well.


There is a lot of help avaliable and teachers are very friendly. Classes are also small.


The professors are willing to hear students out. They will always make sure the material is adequatley covered for not only the exam, but for their intended career. Also, they offer a a variety of clubs for students to try out and make the most of their college experience!


The most beneficial thing about this school to me is that professors, advisors, and councelors are always available for help and are very effective. Another thing that I love, is the school itself. Everything is brand new and well maintained, there is a lot of room to study, hang out or eat. If one wants to sit alone and queitly, there is room for that and if one wants to hang out in a social area, there are plenty of areas for that too. Smaller schools and classrooms are always going to be the best option for me.


The best thing I consider about my school are the advisors. they will help you in whatever way they can. form making sure all of the graduation requirements are met to picking out classes to finishing college applications, the advisors will do whatever they can to make sure you suceed in whatever career path you choose


Passionate teachers that are able to inspire their students to make something of their lives.


MVCC is a community college focused on the individual students and their progress. The school displays a dynamic array of ethnicities and is an over all lucrative experience for a high school graduate. The best thing about Moraine Valley, I would have to say would be the wide range of students it has. It's good to branch out and meet new people with similar goals.

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