Moravian College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Moravian College is a small school with a very personal and focused learning environment.


Moravian college is a very welcoming, warm, and cozy college because, of its small size students are able to get to know each other much faster than at other larger colleges.


My college is an excellent school that provides the best education along with extracurricular activties like sports and clubs and weekly activities to keep the student body active.


The community setting at Moravian College gives you the chance to really find a place to fit in and it turns fellow students into family making the school a safe and comforting place to be.


Preppy non in-dividuals who care about the envirornment and are going to be successful.


Moravian College is full of great opportunities for emerging leaders and open minds who wish to, through a quality education, bring positive changes to the world.


My school is located in a suburb area that has a lot of opportunities for thriving students. The classes are very professory-student friendly so you are guaranteed to be known instead of a face in the crowd.


Moravian College is a small, private school that creates a pleasant atmosphere for students striving to increase their education level in the best way.


Moravian is a great place to learn and grow (academically, socially, and personally).


Great school!


Everyone is really friendly for the most part, but it's so small that it tends to get very dramatic, and everyone knows your business.


Moravian is friendly, with an academic and artistic focus that is just right for someone who wants to have a social life outside of school, but still be prepared for the career path they have chosen.


Moravian College has a very friendly atmosphere combined with small class sizes to have more attention on the student and is still a socially active and fun school.


small, laid back, friendly.


Moravian is a traditional school.


Moravian is the best fit for me.