Moravian College Top Questions

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My college is unique for it's old histories and traditions compared to other schools that I have considered.


Moravian College is both individual- and community- oriented. Professors strive to teach their students the material very well, in both class and privately. The teachers encourage participation in class, and also encourage working in groups. The overall school spirit is one of both bettering yourself and giving back to your community.


It feels homey. You're treated like an individual and get a lot of individual attention.


This is a quiet, friendly campus with great faculty and strong academics. There is a powerful sense of community here with many leadership opportunities. The campus feels like home.


Moravian is unique in a sense that this college really cares about each student in an individual way. Each student is just as important as any other and favortism does not really take a role at this school. Moravian College creates a warm, friendly atmosphere for all students and I believe this school is able to do that because of it's size and the dedication by the faculty that work here.


theres a huge sense of community. i think that comes with the size but everyone feels that they are apart of some big picture


I feel that one of the most unique factors about Moravian College is that we are located in Historic Bethlehem, PA. All of the buildings are old and have so much character. The atmoshpere is friendly and it is somewhere in between small town USA and big city.


Moravian offers one of the best Liberal Arts educations in the country. It is also one of the top 10 oldest schools in the U.S. making its history a very interesting point for students. The faculty and staff are much more genuine than others I've seen. An amazing music institution headlines this college's advantages.


The small, extremely well insulated subculture that's developed at Moravian.


It is a challenging school that is small. It is centralized in a little city with distance between the north and south campuses. On the south campus is where all the music and art classes take place while on the North campus that is where all the other courses are held.