Moravian College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Moravian is a relatively small college compared to others in the area. I like the smaller classes and the college's setting in a historic district. I also like the fact that the college has religious affiliation, yet is very liberal.


I brag about my school because of its size. Because Moravian is not very big, my classes have fewer students which makes every class so much more engaging. I actually enjoy going to class and participating, and it really helps me to learn the material. I also love knowing all of the professors because I feel it really enhances my success.


I usually brag about the professors. I'm proud to be learning from individuals who have such experience in their fields.


The location, accessibility of professors, and friendliness of people on campus!


How crazy my friends are.




Moravian has a great education program, which gives students lots of experience in classrooms before sending them out into the world to be a teacher. There are many much bigger and better schools which don't do that.


My dorm room, it has real closets and it's right in historic Bethlehem! It's also the cheapest on campus haha.