Moravian College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone should attend Moravian College if they thrive in a more personal environment where professors and college faculty can give one-on-one attention to help them become more educated.


The kind of person that should attend Moravian College is one that is outgoing, enthusiastic about their education. Also one that is not afraid to be different or to stand out fromj the rest of the college. Overall Moravian College is very welcomiing but conflicts occur everywhere so a person who attends this college or really any college should be prepared for both the pros and cons of the college.


This college is perfect for the student who is transitioning out of a small high school or someone who is not ready for a large scale university. The lack of lecture halls allows for students to have increased interaction with professors. Beyond the thriving acedemic world at Moravian, the social scene is based on your own ability to get involved. There are many clubs, greek life, and organizations to get involved in. If you wish to keep yourself busy it's important to seek out those key students in the school who can help you jump start!


Those persons who are motivated and have an interest in being active and engaged should definately go to Moravian College. Because of the small atmosphere, friendly people who have the desire to be personable are most welcome. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should not apply here. The party scene is also less here than other schools but the activities are numerous.


The type of person that should attend Moravian College should be a person who well moviated towards accomplishing a goal that will eventually lead to a carreer they are happy with. This person should also want to be a well rounded student, seeing as how Moravian is a liberal arts school.


Someone who has strong motivation to do their academic work, with a variety of interests. Someone who likes small classes and time to discuss clas material and other interests with faculty.