Moravian College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People that are interested in partying on a large campus, want to have a large and strong community with many places to gather socially, people that want to live in a metropolitan city.


This College is considered to be amongst the three oldest in the country. It is important for the student who enjoys being apart of a large university and very modern system to recognize that this college may not be for them. Moravian is centered around small class sizes and traditional customes that have been used at the college for years. For example all schedules are hand written, and the student teacher ratio is about eleven students to every one teacher. On the other hand for students who are looking for a party school, you've come to the wrong place!


A person who is lazy and likes to slack off. This school provides a large and challenging workload to its students so anyone not willing to study and work hard shouldn't attend.


A person who enjoys city nightlife and/or the beach shouldn't attend Moravian.


Someone who can not afford it. Someone looking for a big school.


People who would feel out of place in an almost all white community and people who want to go to a large party school.


Moravian can be a bit of a preppy school but no matter how you dress or how different you may seem, everyone is extremely friendly and accepting of different styles. So really, anyone could attend Moravian and have an enjoyable college experience.