Moravian College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Ask for more financial aid.


I wish I had known how involved the college is with the Moravian Church. I enjoy the sense of community though.


It's more clique based than I expected. Once you fit comfortably in one group, it's tough to branch out.


Most of the students are very well off and all fit into a certain status which is monetary based. I wore dresses everyday instead of ugg boots and sweatpants and for the first semester other students didn't talk to me. My advisor does not know what she is doing, the Living in college course is a joke. I had a German teacher who wasn't a teacher, she just spoke German. I learned nothing in her class. I feel like I wasted my money and had to reveiw the book over summer to be ready for next year.


I wish I had known how much stress college really could be. I came to Moravian with a partial scholarship contingent on receiving a 3.5 cumulative average. With science courses, I am constantly striving to go above an beyond just to get by while all my friends in less-demanding majors are flying through their courseload with ease. If I'm not stressing about my grades and getting into grad school, then I'm stressing over paying for it all. I wish I had realized how stressful the "real world" really is.


Get a good supply of snacks- you'll get sick of the food pretty quickly! It might take some time to find the right people for you, and the people you'll really get along with, but everyone's really nice and there's lots of different groups, so you'll find somewhere to fit in.


I wish that i would have known what i wanted to major in right away, and i wish i would have had more guidance in picking my first semester classes. It would also have been nice to know that tuition increases about 1000 dollars a year, which is pretty expensive.


I wish I had known how little there was to do and how many people went home on the weekends.


People go home often


I wish I had known that kids on campus could come off a little bit snooty and preppy. Even though they are nice, it came as a shock having come from a highschool that had more kids dress and act like I do. I've learned to adjust to getting just a bit more attention then I'm generally used to because some people need to take a second glance, but nobody has ever incriminated me about it. I absolutely love the school and the students that attend it.


I do not have any true regrets nor i do i wish i would have known anything before i went to Moravian College. However i do wish that the price of Moravian would stop increasing.


I don't know...I dont think there's anything that can prepare you for college until you get there and experience it for yourself.