Morehead State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its variety of majors.


Morehead State is known for it's beautiful campus, small town setting, and personal class sizes. Morehead is known for being an artistic school dedicated to helping it's students succeed. Morehead gives many adults a chance at a higher eduation at an affordable cost that they might not be able to receive elsewhere. Morehead is a cultural melting pot, bringing in students from all over the globe.


Morehead State University is best known for its history. Morehead State is 124 years old! So the stories that have been created here are unimaginable.


Morehead has a nce looking campus and terrific people showing off the campus. I feel for MSU at my first just felt like the school for me. Now that I'm here, I have to say that they didn't tell it all. There is not much going on that interests me. I spend way too much time in my room waiting for the week-end to come to go home...I heard it was a suitcase college and now I understand.


Morehead is voted one of the best colleges in the south. In my opinion, Morehead State University is best known for their commitment to the students who attend. The teachers are there to help each student reach their goals. Morehead also has an online Bachelors in Business degree program for student who are working.


i would have to say that morehead state is best know for its Cheerleading. The cheer team wins almost every year.


Our school is best know for the teaching and nursing programs.


Morehead State is best known for its name. It's a school name that many people laugh at when they hear it because of the sexual innuendo.


My school is best known for sports, and the education programs.


This school is best know for being a good value and providng a quality education. They have one of the highest acceptance rates for graduate school of any school in the country.

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