Morehead State University Top Questions

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It's a laid-back enviroment that places emphasis on learning in relation to life and preparing students for what comes next rather than useless knowledge that won't be applicable. The professors are experts in their respective fields and they always find ways to create projects in their subjects to related the material back to personal lives for a greater understanding of the importance of the material. The most unique feature about my school is that it is nestled in mountains with a beautiful campus.


I believe Morehead State University stands out in comparison to other schools, because it is a very culturally accepting and is an inviting and intellectually stimulating place for all of its students. There are plentiful and versatile resources available to facilitate everyone?s learning and entertainment needs. This college is versatile, fun, and community oriented. This college environment is very preparatory for real life. When you are a student here you don?t just feel like you?re in college, you feel as if you are at home.


You can be walking on your way to class and pass at least 5 people you know almost daily.


I like the small University atmosphere and the smaller class sizes.


This school is unique in that it has a very good student to faculty ratio. This allows for classes to rarely exceed 30 students, which helps with students being able to associate and interact more during a class.


My school has an excellent teacher to student ratio. The teachers will know your name and will say hello to you when they see you around campus. They love teaching and want you to do the best you can.


The classes are the perfect size. Enabling you to get help from the teacher when you need it.


What makes Morehead so unique is its size. it is big enough to accomplish what you want to do.Yet it is small enough that you are not a face in the crowd. most of my classes have less than 20 people in them. The professor knows who I am.


It's a small town atmosphere which is great because building friendships is much easier, class sizes are very small relative to other campuses I've heard about. Being outdoors is definitely an option here with multiple lakes in the area and fabulous lookouts and trails for biking, etc. The campus is very closely knit and therefore anywhere on campus is a reasonable walk away! Although we are a more rural area we are in no way behind on the technology side of things with the new equipment such as smart boards and a state of the art space center!

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