Morehead State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always talk about how small and convienient the campus is and how friendly everyone is


I brag mostly about the teachers and the class size. The professors really seem to care about their jobs and their students. This is really nice because you don't see a lot anymore. Its mostly a get in, lecture, get out kind of thing and all my professors have been very approachable and eager to help if needed.


Helpful, caring, understanding are just a few words describing the faculty and administration at Morehead State University. Any time my mom or myself need assistance, or a more detailed explanation of things, they are right on it. MSU enrolls the right amount of students so you don't feel like your just a number in the crowd.


What I brag about most at Morehead State is the mountain scenery. No matter what season, or type of weather, it is always a beautiful walk to class.


When i talk to my friends about my school i tell them how Morehead State University is one of the top ten universities for recieving a teaching degree.


It's a small friendly campus. You can walk from end to end in 10 minutes. The teachers are very helpful and friendly. I live the class sizes.


I like to brag about my fraternity and the greek system and how close we all are. Pi Kappa Phi on our campus is the leading organization when it comes to grades, community service and brotherhood! Also, for being a small school we are decent at sports.


I brag most about our music program. As I am a music student, I am biased. However, we have world class faculty that give us the tools to be better musicians and teachers in the Music Education field and Performance areas.


The beautiful lake.


When people ask about Morehead I brag about the new equine facilities. I also tell them I love it there because of the size of the school.


The freedomis amazing. From what classes to take to the people you hang with. there are wide choices of what to do off campus o you are not bound to school 24/7. If you really want to learn something then this is a place you could consider. Overall it is not a bad school. But is is a culture shock for many which I enjoy. It is nothing like home in the city. So if you want something new this could be it.


The thing I brag most about my school is the natural beauty that the school has to offer. Morehead State has a beautiful campus! The natural beauty is amazing here! A student can walk to Eagle Lake and spend hours there without realizing it. The nature that surrounds this campus is amazing and a must see for anyone.


How friendly people are and the academic side of things. Scholarships aren't too relatively hard to attain with a great education in return through great professors and small classes.


that class are small and its easy to learn

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