Morehead State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Morehead State is the lack of school spirit. If you want a school that everyone attends game day and sports the latest gear, this is not the school for you.


Trying to get help in the tutoring hall


Since I am 5 hours from home, I would like to relocate Morehead State University closer to my home. I am on the riflt team at MSU, but there is a lack of apparel representing the team. (My dad really wanted a tee to wear so he could brag about me.)


The worst thing would have to be the financial aid system here. They take forever to get back to you and fail to properly explain why you owe certain fees and monies back to the school.


The worst thing about the school is the department of financial aid. They are very rude and not willing to help. Whether you are seeking information over the phone or in person at the office, they always seem extrememly annoyed at your situation. They tend to lose things very easily and even though this can affect your college career, they never seem to want to let you know they have lost your paper work.


We have been made to pay for things that not all of us are going to use, like a new basketball court, recreational area. I do not use the phacility because I don't live on campus, and and have a job and child outside of school, but I paid to help build it. Another thing is the parking is horrible!!!!! There is a big lot with enough spaces but it is soooooo far away and the shuttle bus that runs there sometimes takes a while to get there and then you have to wait for people to get on.


The worst thing about the school, and it's not really a complaint, is that the curriculum has been shifted to focus more on majors more scientific and business oriented, and while there haven't been cutbacks in my discipline, I worry that won't be the way of it for long.


The fact that school is a "suitcase campus" is the worst thing. Every weekend a majority of the population goes home, most likely due to the lack of activities available to students.


It is in the middle of no where. But it is still close enough to get to major cities and home in a few hours.


The group projects. I work for my grade, not for others


The only thing that ris really bad about my school is its rural location. It isn't close to many urban cities so it may be difficult for many people who are used to an urban city or want that type of college life.


Many students have attended elementary and high school together and grown up together. Transferring into a college from out of state may be difficult to adjust to. I wish that students would become more involved in school sports activities and general school spirit activities.


Mainly that a lot of people here don't appreciate being able to attend college. They prefer to concentrate on drinking rather than their education which is the reason we are here.


The financial aid help, I am completely broke and have no way to pay for school right now, and the campus involvement. Everyone goes home on the weekends because there is nothing to do here.


Too conservative for my homosexual, liberal taste.


Busy work. Larger colleges focus more on exams instead of mass amounts of busy work. My department requires alot of uneccesary work.

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