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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have take more college classes to prepare myself. I would also create better study habits!


I have made plenty of mistakes since I entered college four years ago, some things I am okay with, like the time I walked into the wrong class, sat down and began taking notes only to learn my class was in 102 not 201, and others I wish I could vanquish from my memory, like New Year's Eve 2012 when I became black out drunk with no recollection of the nights events only to wake up in an unknown place shocked and scared. But that's just it. College is about learning who you are, but more importantly who you want to be known as for the rest of time. New Year's Eve 2012 did just that. I didn't want to be known as the stumbling girl at the party, I was smarter than that. Learning who you are stems from the mistakes you make. Perhaps that's the best advice to give oneself, make mistakes. Those mistakes created the person I am today, and I am proud of who I am. I have become an educated woman who plans to make a difference in the world, and I can thank my mistakes for that.


To go back in time and speak to the high school senior me, I would definitely tell myself to branch out of my shell. I was extremely shy in high school and that kept me from doing a lot of things. I would also mention to myself that it is necessary to budget and save money. I was never a student that had to study a lot but college has taught me differently. I would also tell myself to stick with softball. I played fast pitch for the high school but I quit my senior year in order to take college classes. If I would have stuck with softball I could be playing for college right now.


First of all, I would tell myself not to bring my whole room to the dorm with me! I didn't use half of what I brought my first semester. I would tell myself not to worry about not making friends because there are plenty of great people at college. It was easy to make friends. I would also tell myself to keep up my confidence because I would definitely need it. I would want myself to know I could get through any class no matter how hard the class was. Finally, I would tell myself not to think my friends from high school would still be there for me. I learned that lesson and would like to avoid it all if I had to do it over. In order to avoid the dorm drama, I would tell myself to room with a stranger. Things may have been better for me if that had been my decision on the whole dorm situation. Rooming with your best friend may work for some, but it definitely didn't work for me.


Looking back at myself as a high school Senior I would have given myself the advice of being a little selfish and do what I think would be best for my future and not listen to the many voices of others trying to direct me to potential career chooices. Also, not attending certain schools that were a distance off to stay close to a female is not a wise choice. i would offer the advice to following my dreams and pursue the career paths that I was passionate about. Picking areas of passionate would enhance the college experience and the knowledge gained from college would be deemed more necessary to the future of my life. Lookign back at choices that I have made I would have taken a more direct approach to my goals and gained experiance in my field of passion sooner rather than later. A second word of advice I would have given myself would have been to take the early years of college more seriously and garnered the the best grades possible. This advice would have made the road to successful less burdensome along with wasting less time in unpassionate areas.


If I were to give my high school senior self advice, I would tell myself to strengthen my study skills. College is not like high school. High school was easy and didn't require much studying. When I came to college, I realized that having it easy in high school was not going to help me succeed here. Since I didn't have to study in high school, my study habits were severly lacking. This led to me not completing my major in four years and finally switching to a different major. Since I have been here for so long, I am now considered a non-traditional student. If I had the chance to do it all again, I would still come to Morehead State University, but I would have learned how to effectively study beforehand.


The advice I would give myself would be to include myself in more sports. In college if you play sports you are well known. If I played in high school then I could have been aware of college sports and might have played.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I know the first advice I would give myself would be to start taking campus tours and researching different schools early. Options should always be available when one is choosing a college to attend. If you wait to the last minute, you might end up going to a school that you woulnd't have chosen otherwise. I would also tell myself to take college very seriously. College is not all fun and games like the movies make it look. I would tell myself to buckle down and study, instead of putting it off. Sure college is fun, but grades are always a priority. The last bit of advice would be to get involved, whether it's a club or sorority, just do anything to get involved with the school. This would have helped make my transistion to college much smoother.


I would tell myself to get my butt and gear and stop procrastinating on projects. I would tell myself not to underestimate the classes or overestimate my abilities to remember the information on tests without studying a lot. I would say STUDY!!!!! and don't forget to make friends and experience everything you can so you don't end up by yourself most of the time. Take advantage of all the help and tutoring you can get.


The first thing I would tell myself as a high school senior is to not take any of it for granted. The friends you have now won't always be there. Some will drift away but some will stay forever so cherish what you have right now. It's going to be a lot harder than you think it is to leave home but it's not horrible forever. When the assignment is given, do it that night. Don't slack off and procrastinate and think you can just do it before class because it doesn't work that way anymore. You actually have to learn how to study now! I know it's a foreign word and a concept you're actually going to have to be taught but it will come in handy, I promise.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senious, I would explain to myself not to be afraid of life in college, or of new people and experiences. I would explain that college is much different than high school, it's a chance to start over in a world where no one knows you and you can portray the you that you want people to perceive you as rather than the you in high school cliques that you were known as.


I would advise you to study harder in Math, to save yourself the trouble of having to take extra, and costly, classes to pay for the reviewing you'll need before getting into Math 120. I would also advise you to get a higher grade point average so that you could have a better chance at scholarships. You should also not spend all of your money on frivelous things, and save for school. I would highly reccomend you spend more of your free time exploring your interests and finding out what it is you love so when you get older, you all ready have a good path to follow, vs trying to figure it out before it's too late. Take the SATs as those would help give you a huge advantage, and clarify which classes you need to take BEFORE you begin to sign up and register so you can have fully functioning goals to go after, and not have to worry about sudden, costly, surprises. Lastly, begin your scholarship search immedaitly, to avoid the stress of worrying about making it though college.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the most useful piece of information I would give myself is, "Do not fall off your tracks!" It is very easy for high school seniors to lose focus on why there are attending high school, but it is so important that they do not. I would advise myself to step up my studying and spend more time on homework because grades really do matter. Also creating good study habits and homework habits during high school really helps prepare students for the college work load. So all in all, my biggest piece of advise is to settle down just for a few more months, it will be woth it in the end.

Erica Ann

If I could go back in time and talk some sense into myself as a high school senior, I would definitely tell myself that I need to pay attention more in class. I need to study more frequently and not cram right before a test. That way I would be able to retain information longer because I am no longer memorizing, but am actually learning the material. I would also have told myself to take more science and math courses in order to prepare myself for my field. I am planning on becoming a veterinarian and in my undergraduate career I needed physics. It would have been beneficial to me had I already taken physics and calculus in high school so I could have learned it previously instead of seeing it for the first time as an undergraduate. Had I been more prepared with a stronger background in the science and math courses, I think I would have definitely done better in those courses and would not have struggled so much. Also, I would have benefited throughout my undergraduate career had I developed the study skills in high school rather than slowly developing them throughout my undergraduate years.


To take more college classes while in high school.


I have learned how to handle academics and independance at the same time. At first it was weird not having mom or dad reminding me to do my homework or go to bed at a certain time, but I have learned to manage my own schedule and balance my time.


I believe college has developed several character qualities in me. Upon attending college, I realized the burden to understand the material, achieve excellent grades, and maintain a high grade point average was solely my responsibility. My dedication has allowed me to become a member of an honor society. I am grateful for the outstanding college graduates who have been role models for me. In my opinion, I see that the educated are respected and have far more opportunities to lead. In our current social economic environment, we need more educated and responsible people to lead and direct the next generation. The college experience has definitely stretched me, but the opportunity to become a positive role model for the next generation is well worth the arduous journey before me. My intent is to lead others in a path of success as well.


I have learned to come out of my shell with the help of new friends. I am learning I need to buckle down and get serious and study with more determination then in high school. That there is help avialable you just have to keep asking! The instructors are really good about helping out with a problem.


The reason originally for attending college in the first place was to have a sense of security when it came to what was in store for my future. In not much time, professor's, new friends', and my own views of life in general has changed the basic component of the first part of the question, "What have you gotten out of your college experience and why has it been valuable to attend?" College is no longer that place for me to acquire "job skills", but instead it has transformed my self-centered way of thinking into a more humble point of view. College itself, the independency, the lenient discipline in the classroom, and the constant learning process of how and why the world works the way it does, has taught me to reach a grander point of understanding; The understanding that in order for the world to find consolation in life, we must all forget about ourselves and write a declaration of Dependence. Without your intelligent systems to award money to deserving students, I or whoever receives this award could never flourish into the innovative psychological being the world needs-the world depends upon. We depend on you. Thanks!


I would inform myself that the need for moor munchies is very important, and getting a larger meal plan to go along with it is very beneficial so your not begging for meals from other students toward the end of a semester. Also, I would try and prepare myself for the feeling of confinement by not knowing anyone or where anything was. On the other hand, I don't really think I could have been able to prepare myself for the loss of being left alone and on your own for the first time. I probably wouldn't have listened to myself anyway.


I would tell myself to never expect that I know everything. So many things other than what I planned on, happened my first semester and already in my second. Go into college with an open mind, ready to face the world and willing to change. Don't be set in the same mind set as when you leave high school. Clean your mind of most everything you've experienced as far as applying that to what you think will happen. If friendships you had in high school don't keep and turn out in college, it's okay because there are plenty of people at college to be your friend and who will really be there when you need them. Just live, and be happy.


Knowing what I know now about college, I would tell myself that I should not be nervous about college. Morehead State University is where I will find who I am. I will meet people here that will be in my life forever and those people will positively impact my college experience. I may be unsure about what I want my career to be for a while, but I will have great professors that will make inspire me to be a Teacher. Those same professors will help me find my best learning style and will assist me in my study skills so that I can be the best student possible. At Morehead State University, my teachers, friends and family will guide me into becoming the person that I have worked so hard to be. Don?t be worried about leaving home, because college feels just like it. You will be happy, you will have to work hard and study hard. Morehead State University is the path to success, they provide you will the vehicle, you just have to drive.


If I could go back in time to give my High School self some advice about college I would tell myself to learn to be more patient with the living styles of others. I would say your first few roommates are probably going to come from completely different backgrounds and you will have many personal differences. These differences are going to cause you to have living disagreements, and that you need to be understanding and try to talk through your problems. By doing this you'll come to learn that these people, though they are different, are good people whom you can come to be friends with.


I would tell myself to really consider what im getting myself into and not choose the school cause they want me to play football. Also I'd make sure i did my research and see if they offered the particular major that I am interested in pursuing. Then I would try to see I could take a visit to the school to see if i fit in the campus atmosphere. Last but not least I would make sure I not too far from home that i would get home sick.

John're a high school senior and you have met your Math requirements already...TAKE a math course anyway! It was really hard to remember Math after a year or two away from it. They will tell you that there are tutors and Labs that you can go to if you are having trouble, but don't count on them. They don't help the big, shy guy as much as they do the cute, blonde...ever! When I was in high school, I didn't know that an Apple computer wouldn't run the program needed for my Math and that the professor spoke English as a second language. I stopped working as hard as I had in my last year of high school and spent a lot of time learning to play the quitar and learning how to be a good boyfriend. These are terrific things to know, but a college education is just as important. College is not as hard as they tell you it will be in high school, but the Math is harder!


Figure out what you want to do and go to school. If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would tell myself, finish school. I began college, but had no clue what I wanted to do. I went two years without knowing what I wanted and ended up changing my major and then eventually dropping out. I have worked many jobs trying to make ends meet. I would tell myself, life is too short to struggle. If I would have completed my college courses after high school, I wouldn't be strapped for time now. I work full-time and go to school full-time. I juggle that, a husband and my children, and that leaves little time for myself. I depended on my husband for support, but I wanted to depend on myself. I went to Big Sandy Community and Technical College in 2002-2004 for Graphic Design, I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I decided I needed more, in 2006, I started my core classes and graduated from BSCTC in 2008 with my AA. I now attend Morehead and it's a stuggle with my life and school.


Dear high school me, When you start your college career, keep one thing in mind... GO TO CLASS! Don't turn your alarm off in the morning and think to yourself that it will be alright to just miss this class just this once, because IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA! Also, on Thursdays, aka Thirsty Thursdays, don't think this means that you have to get completely hammered, because you will have class the next day on Friday and you will have to go to them. And no matter how much you tell yourself Thursday night through out the party that you will go to class the next day, you won't. Next, if you get random roommates to live with, it doesn't matter how cool they are initially because you eventually are going to hate them and their stupid little habits. You will get a roommate who smells like cedar chips and throws your bread away because it's past the expiration date, even though the bread is perfectly fresh and soft. Your other roommate will steal all your cigarettes and smoke them without asking. So, learn this and you'll do fine! Love, Your college self


Make sure you really like the school before attending it and dont pick it because your friends or your boy / girl friend is going there.


Visit. talk to the professors in your field


To never stop looking even when you are in college. You never know what might happen.


I would advise parents and students to really take into consideration going to a University that is accredited. Most of the scholarships I have applied for require you to be attending an accredited University. Online degree programs are not always the best choice. You want to choose a college that you will be proud to put on your resume. Look into the different awards the college has been given as well as particular programs or organizations affiliated with your major. Take a tour of the campus, talk to the students on campus, and talk to the campus advisors. If you plan on living on campus, find out about their housing programs. If you are a non-traditional student, like myself, ask about any daycare programs they may have and even possible work-study opportunities. If you plan on being involved in extra-curricular activities, you may ask about those as well. And, once you choose a University, really be familiar with their policies, deadlines, fees, and become well acquainted with your advisor who can answer your questions along the way. Most of all, ENJOY goes by so fast!


I would recommend finding a place that is a good fit where the student will feel the most comfortable.


Make sure you spend one weekend at the college campus before you make your decision.


In order to do well in college it is simple, go to class and be engaged. When a teacher sees that you are trying they are more likely to help you more in and out of the class room and also if they see you trying they are much more likely to give you extensions if you ever need one.


The advice that I would give most to parents and/or students when choosing the right college, would be a college that strives for success. Easily accomadated, and friendly. Somewhere they can feel safe at all time, receive the best education of their ability and somewhere they feel like they belong. If finances are a problem, there are many ways to pay for college through financial aid, and student loans, not having money should never be an excuse. While choosing the right college, the parents and/or students should narrow down a school that they can all agree on, feel comofrtable with and make sure it offers enough options to choose from, when deciding what they want to pursue their major in. Know one knows for sure that the college they choose will be the right one. Sometimes one just has to take the risk, but if you take a tour of the school and feel at home, than maybe that unviersity or community college is for them. Attending a college, is one of the most important decisions one could make. It maps out the rest of your life.


Morehead State is a really good college, but a person needs to make sure that the college they are looking at is the best for what they want to study. I chose nursing and MSU is the best school for nursing. It is important to research colleges and find what they are known for.


Don't turn away from State Universities, or assume that you have to go Ivy League to get a first rate education. The better known the college, there's the likelihood that it'll be more expensive (sometimes needlessly so), bigger and harder to navigate, and involve larger, more uninvolved classrooms. Visit the colleges, explore the campuses and the surrounding communities. Pay attention to the class offerings, but look for character, too.


I would tell those looking at colleges to first of all, take visits to as many colleges as you need. Even if you don't think that a certain school is going to be an option for you, it never hurts to look. It will help you to make your decision. Also, when you find the right college you will know it. In my experience, when I visited the college I chose, I felt a sense of calmness. It was like all of my college worries were over. Follow your heart and your gut instinct to make your decision. As far as making the most of your college experience, get involved in things at school. It is a great way to meet people. Also try to be very open and friendly to others in your classes. That is another great way to meet people, and it also gives you options to have others in your classes to help you out if you are struggling in a class.


Let the student pick what they want to do.


I would make a list of everything I wanted out of a college and look for universities. I wanted something that was on the smaller side, close enough to go home whenever I wanted but far enough away to where I still had my freedom, and a place that was very strong in my desired field, and thats exactly what I got in my school. Also, campus tours are amazing.


Find as school that makes you feel at home. Forget about where your friends are going or the finances involved. The only thing that matters is that it makes you happy. When you get there, keep school a priority. You may get off track at times, but you learn from your mistakes.


Go on many college visits, visit interesting colleges more then once. Find that college that makes you feel happy and at home. If you are not comfortable on campus on a visit, you wont be comfortable attending there. Don't be afraid to stop students walking by you, they were in your shoes before. Look at the town/region the college is in, a tiny college in Appalachia is not right for everyone neither is a large Ivy League school. Also, don't limit yourself to the colleges where all your friends are going. You're going to make new friends. This is your life, your college, and your future. Once you move in to the new college students, be yourself, a lot of new students will think they can make a huge change just because this is a new school. If you're uncomfortable with yourself it will show. Make a few small changes but stay true to yourself. And lastly, do not be afraid to try new things. But remember some things aren't for everyone. Just don't forget you went to college to get an education above all else.


My advice would be the one that fits you the best. There is a place for everyone! Find one that has lots of school involvement and small classes for individual help. Asl where the students and staff are friendly to make your college experience worth it!


It is important not only to look at what the college can offer academically, but also the affordability. Morehead State University offers strong academics, affordable prices and life-long friends.


The first thing you need to look at is the ratio of teacher to students in the classroom. You are there to learn and you need to make sure that the teacher will know who you are and is concerned about your grade. Also, go somewhere that has the right social or e.c activities that you want to take part in. and most importantly, pick the school that is right for you and what you want to do. It may not have a big name that society recognizes but it may have a big name in what you want to do. you just may notknow it yet.


Look for the place that you like the most visually, academically, and socially. You won't always get a second chance so try to make the best of your first choice. Remember that things always go wrong somewhere, so be prepared to have to break out and act on your own to get things accomplished. It is a rough world out there but with the right help and enough planning you can figure it out.


Before going to any collage, both the parents and student need to know their options and what they can afford. Students don't need the stress during school of worring how they're going to get the semester paid for. In the economic crisis america is in now, money is not has easy to come by anymore and finanical aid recieved is not enough for most families. Work on the scholarship based websites, visit the school before hand and see what they have to offer. For those who are going to attend a school a good drive away: BE PREAPRED! You will be on you own; there won't be parents around telling you to go to classes, do your homework, or your laundry. College is the time where students realize it's time to grow up and take care of their responibilities. Parents prepare your child by starting at home. Teach them to do thier laundry (yes, there are students who come to school are don't know how!!), show them how to cook so they don't have to depend on fast food, and most importantly... show them how to be responible with their money. And Good Luck!


Go with your heart and follow your dreams! If you want to be something, you can; Just give it your all!!


There are scholarships available. Don't necessarily worry about the money, worry about the quality of education that you are getting and the sense of purpose that college gives students.


Check all the colleges of your childs interest and see what programs they allow.

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