Morehouse College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They define the true meaning of brotherhood.


My classmates are helpful and support the success of all students, not just themselves.


The scholar at Morehouse is a young, most likely African-American man, that represents the "five wells" of Morehouse: well spoken, well dressed, well traveled, well read, and well balanced. The school emphasizes brotherhood and service, so the students are very conscious and service oriented. We don't wear pajamas to class, but we are mostly casual; unless you are a business student, then you may need to be in a suit often. All students have high goals and aspirations and many of them are already putting them into motion.


The student body here is of course near 99% Black male. But we all come from different backgrounds. Some come from poor families and some rich, but we still unite regardless of those things. I would like to think that many of the students here are spiritual and not so much religious. We are all seeking growth in way or another and want to be a better man when we leave here.


Classmates are well dressed and well spoken and tend to be very involved in class on on campus.


my classmates are engaging, opinionated gentlemen that seek understanding and a better appreciation for why things are the way they. They seek to change things that need to be changed and break down barriers so that all men are seen as equal.


My classmates are very competive, but helpful, and intelligent, but not haughty.


Classmates tend to vary in attitude and work ethic; some are engaging and willing to learn while others tend to be inattentive and sleep in class.


My classmates are very engaging into whatever subject we are studying.


My classmates are like no other. The men I am proud to attend this institution with are the most diverse males on this Earth. Hailing from almost all 50 states as well as nations like the Bahamas and Haiti, we possess varying backgrounds that have established in us certain morals and values. This withstanding, I have yet to meet anyone who does not respect the opinions of others. This will be the one place where you see men of color intellectually speaking and realizing this is our start to being the movers and shakers of our time.


My classmates are motivated, intelligent, fashionable, but sometimes ignorant.


Some of the brightest young minds the country has to offer coming from a variety of places and backgrounds, yet all are united by a constant striving for excellence.


Egocentric and Pretentious individuals.


From motivated, inspired classmates hurrying to class or taking a moment to relax on the "Yard," to jazz wafting on the plaza outside Jazzman?s, to the prodigious words of Martin Luther King Jr. '48 etched on the base of a statue of this nation?s greatest civic transformer, life on the Morehouse College campus if full of sight, sound and wonder.(Morehouse)


My classmates and fun loving focused scholars.


My classmates are inspirational. It is so amazing to see young, black men so focused on higher education.


My classmates are the future buisness men of America.


My classmates are very enthusiastic about school work, the community, social standings, politics, and life in general.


They are determined to strive for excellence in their particular fields of study


My classmates are described as students with very different and unique backgrounds with the drive to become skilled professionals in their majors and the ability to relate to other subject to become well rounded individuals to have a positive impact on the world.


They are intersting.


Every classmate I have at Morehouse College, has there own indentity.


Students at Morehouse College vary from inviting to judgemental.


Super smart guys with great personalities.


Well the only racial issue i came across at MC and that was toward your own race, at MC students that really don't have friends or are loners or have low self-esteem are ones that really would have a hard time adjusting at MC because for starters they are't friendly, when going to class some dress casual, some dress urban some dress like they are going to the COGIC Convention, no differnt students on campus dont interact unless they have a reason to I dont know what the four tables are but I do know they snitch about everything at MC. Most of the MC students are from down south and most them come from wealthy househould , alot of the students at morehosue steer more toward the left meaning negative than right and it is very few that are in the middle. Students do talk about how much they plan on earning and how much they expect to make after they finish paying all them loans and tuition expensese to MC.


The student body is as diverse as any other school. Homo-phobic, yet tolerant. Christian, yet not enforced. Rich, and poor. The thug and the pretty boy. Morehouse is eclectic. I've had good experiences with all my brothers. And I like the diversity.


We are a band of brothers. We are a family in every sense the good, bad, and ugly. We battle but we love. I know that some brothers dislike other brothers at time but we all want to see that brother succeed. I truly believe that.


Due to the conservative nature of the school the student body is slow to accept personality differences that lend themselves to a sub-culture not commonly associated with Black people. Hippies, punks and metal heads be warned.


you really want me to answer this?


The most likely students to feel out of place at Morehouse are caucasions... Most students wear t-shirts and jeans to majors where shirt and tie... All types of students at Morehouse interact with each other... Most students from Morehouse come from North U.S. There is a mix of students financial situations but most students from Middle class families.. Students are politically aware..GO BARACK!!!..... Students do talk about how much they will earn one day......

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