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At Morehouse, we are redefining the meaning of leadership. It’s not about attaining the highest title or position, but about attaining skills such as compassion, civility, integrity and even listening. Morehouse is poised to become the epicenter of ethical leadership as we continue to develop leaders who are spiritually disciplined, intellectually astute and morally wise.


Morehouse culture in general is unique especially with it being an all male African American institution, it is a place where individuals come from all over the world to attend, while visiting this campus you will be shocked there are so many well spoken, well dressed, well traveled, well balanced, and well read individuals who attend here you will for sure be amazed.


great small college


My school provides a unique Historically Black College Experiance. The president, teachers, alummi , and everyone involved with Morehouse College has shown that they really care about the future of its students. They really wants us to be sucessful.


The uniqueness about my school is that we all share a brotherly bond, there is a saying that "I got my Brother back".i can truely say that this is true


We are the light in the community. Morehouse is the only instituion in the world where you can get this sense of brotherhood. Make your choice wisely.


Morehouse College is a all male historically black institution that has many traditions that have expanded over time to provide its students with a great sense of the past so that they can positive change the future.


Morehouse is brotherhood of expectional gifted, black men.


All Male Predominately African-American environment


Primarily Morehouse is known world-wide for educating African American males, and has a comprehensive track record of turning out some of the best minds in society!


MC needs to really wake up and understand that the world still functions without MC as well as there are plenty black men that are intelligent and that can speak for themselves and that doesn't need to have a degree from MC to succeed in life. If you have to go to MC to get the knowledge to know that you are a someone and you are very articulate and determined ,you need to take that up with your parents becasue that is some they should've taught you at a early age.


Morehouse is the best!


Its 2008 and people still battle everyday with the person they see in the mirror and the person who sets foot into the world. In a world where diversity is ever so embraced and self-expression has become the normality, people still find it easier to fit in with the masses. It has become more evident with the so-called “thugs” we have on campuses across this country. In a literal definition a thug is considered a violent person. Not to say we all don’t have tempers, but violence isn’t the purpose of being in school. Whether it is Morehouse, Clark Atlanta or any other institution, to carry that thug persona while trying to attain a college degree is a contradiction in every sense. Trying to understand what makes men want to appear so much harder or realer than the next has been challenging and can lead to many different conclusions. The most obvious reasons tend to be respect and women. Whatever flatters women and keeps you in the good graces of other men is usually what appeals. For some brothers they think being a thug is the answer. In being a thug there are also concepts that come along with it. It is reasonable for one to believe that those of us who come from harsher more threatening environments embrace the thug persona as opposed to rejecting it. When you live in a neighborhood where your life is constantly threatened that stage of development is just as normal as developing reading and math skills. In institutions of higher learning however, that is not the case. Those of us who are here have come here to better ourselves. Not to say we are all saints but none of us are thugs. Smoking, drinking, cursing, or playing music doesn’t make you a thug. The true thugs lurk outside of the campus. The true thugs are the ones who weren’t fortunate enough to call college home. Although some of those people may still be our friends the fact that we are here and they are where they are is a true testament to the reality of both of our situations. I say that we leave the street persona to the streets and embrace the persona that we all are really striving for. That is to be successful individuals and being a thug doesn’t in any way help that cause. This problem seems to be more evident in institutions that have a majority black population as opposed to others. In all honesty it is not hard to see why. Most of us don’t have very positive male role models in our lives. Many of us grew up with idolizing people we couldn’t touch or even talk to such as athletes. Some of us even grew up idolizing people who were not good for us such as drug dealers and even real thugs. In spite of all those factors we find ourselves here. We find ourselves living a life that can open so many doors for us and others. Yet, some of us show our appreciation by embracing a life that is cold and dark, a life that cares nothing about our well-beings. We must wake up and realize that we are in college to better not only ourselves but the world. Furthermore, to hold on to anything or any lifestyle that posses opposition to achieving that goal is defeating our purpose in being here. We must wake up and realize that our existence here now is greater than the one we left behind, and if the thug life was really meant for us, we would not be here. We must learn to embrace our being and express ourselves not by the standards of the masses, but rather by those we feel are right not only for we ourselves, but for everyone.


The facilities aren't the best in the world. There is still a huge problem with neighborhood crime. The food is not friendly to vegetarians and there's very little for vegans to eat. If you have a standout personality but are kind be prepared to be called gay. Be prepared for the Holy Warriors. No you do not know everything about your religion. You will struggle at some time. It is true you can't play on the grass. Graves Hall is not all it is cracked up to be, neither are the people who stay there. I am sorry if you have to stay in the Quad. Have a way to get safely on and off campus. Make friends off campus. Don't come here if you are weak. Don't come here if you can't afford it. Like anywhere else this place is merely what you make of it.







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