Morehouse College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


yes. All the sterotypes are accurate because attending MC i found it to be a very disrespectful and contradicting, and they do live up to all of the sterotypes listed.


The sterotypes are NOT accurate. Hence, they are stereotypes. At times there can seem to be an overflow of "personal expression" but none the less that doesn't mean every man wearing a nicely fitted shirt or pair of pants is gay. They can be interested in fashion and just that. Moreover, everyone at Morehouse isn't rich. Some of us HAVE to work for a living and maintain their living.


I disagree with both not because I attend but because I strongly feel Morehouse is still that great beacon of light that gives the entire black community hope and guidance. My feelings on that are the reasons why I chose to attend Morehouse in the first place.


No. The problem is that the typical Morehouse student is overshadowed by the personalities of the student who fits into the stereotypes.


Most of the 'men' in this school have an ego... I mean at levels so high that it can induce vomiting. They definitely cannot solve a problem another can't because most of them are so lazy...if a good show is coming on, they definitely will skip class... No joke. And finally, these people here are not in the least socially aware because they are all kinds of ignorant! As much international people they have up here, they refuse to learn something from them. But thank God that at least 5% of the student population is the opposite and actually are modest, apt, and socially aware.




It is not true that all men who go to Morehouse College are homosexual. Its statistcally impossible. As for the arrogance, I beleive that it can often be mistaken for the confidence that we exude.

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