Morehouse College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag to my friends that my classmates are very goal-oriented and determined to achieve greatness. Approximately three-fourths of the student body is involved in the community. The students at Morehouse want to improve the quality of life for African-American males across the United States. My classmates consider each other 'brothers' inside and out of the classroom, presenting a respectable character at all times. The students demonstrate versatility in professionalism which includes being dressed properly, well-spoken and exposed to different cultures. My classmates keep academics as their priority and work diligently to improve their communities.


My school is the alumni of great African Americans such like Martin Luther King and Spike Lee. Another great thing I brag about is that the college is located near many other colleges.


Morehouse College is very prestigious college with many notable alumni. When my friends begin to brag about their college football or basketball teams, I quickly remind them of the caliber of men that I am able to call my Morehouse brothers. Men such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, and Spike Lee, among many others have graduated from Morehouse College. There are many famous alumni who have had a significant impact of the country and world and it's always a great way to quiet those who like to brag on their school.


Morehouse College is a positive learning environment that prepares young black males for successful lives. The institution specializes in transforming us young men into well balanced and well behaved men. Dr. Martin Luther King was a graduate of Morehouse College.


The traditions and respect that my school receives.


I brag about the brotherhood at my school the most. The family atmosphere here is second to none, and is a principle promoted since the days of our New School Orientation. Upperclassmen go out of their way to support an upcoming freshman, however their efforts usually are not enough. Every student here has the potential to be great because they learn off of their predecessors mistakes, however, it is possible for many students here to become distracted with issues of lesser importance.


Before attending Morehouse College I wish that I would have understood the seriousness of financial aid in college. While in high school financial aid did not seem as urgent and important, since school was paid for; but now I see that there are several places in which someone can acquire financial aid, it just requires determination and a will to search and work. With that said, I also wish I knew about the amount of personal effort needed to succeed in college, because it is not enough to attend and pass classes, you must also understand financial obligations.


I tell my friends that people from corporate America come my school to reccruit; this is a great place to network.


When telling my friends about my school I brag mostly about the fact that Morehouse College truly teaches every student how to make the transition from boyhood into manhood. In addition, I brag about the international recognition that the college receives from great leaders and influencial people all around the world.


That there is a true sense of brotherhood among sudents at our school. When coming to our school you learn things you would never learn anywhere else about your culture, where we came from, and where we are going. There truly is a Morehouse mystique that you will quickly find yourself immersed in. You will be surrounded by some of the top scholars when you are in classes, and most of your teachers will have played some part in history. To know you walked on the same ground where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. walked and learned is amazing.


What I brag about the most is my professors and spelman ladies.


When I speak of Morehouse i tell of how its in a great city full of things to do. I tell how its central location in the dowtown area provides a great opportunity for people to explore every aspect of there future careers. Morehouse has a name that tells a story of its own. When I mention it to people I tell of how prestiges it is and how it provides an opportunity for people to grow and make life long connections with big time people.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag most about the fact that Morehouse is a Historically Black College & University. I proclaim this the most because I personally feel that I have been granted such a strong support system from people of my own race within the administration of Morehouse College. In addition, I established a great appreciation for the culturally-enhanced welcoming ceremonies for freshmen that were presented by an array of members of the Morehouse Family during New Student Orientation Week. These ceremonies enhanced my knowledge of our African roots and encouraged me to dream bigger.


that its Morehouse, thats enough all by itself


The legacy that Morehouse has is unlike any other school, and the community and brotherhood have a transcendent quality that many men of African ancestry seek but rarely find in today's society.


I tell them how blessed I am to be accepted into such a good and solid school. I express how proud I am to be able to get fiancial aid as well as loans to come to More house and live my dream, study hard and hopefully fin the job that will take me to the financial level I desire to be at one day soon.


I tell fellow peers that the school spirit at this Prestigious college is unmatched. I also tell them that when you graduate from this college Jobs come looking for you because they know the name Morehouse.


The great companies that come and recruit year in and year out.

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