Morehouse College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The sterotypes about MC one is that all the guys at Morehouse are gay as well as they put everyone else down to make themselvees look good as well as they dog the other schools especially Morris Brown College for not being that white collar shirt and tie school as well as if you dont act like the Jones you are put into a certain catergory as well as the MC guys putting up a big front faking to be some and more than what they are.MC pretending to know what the definition of a true black man is just because it is a all male school and Dr.Martin Luther King went there, and that MC guys have more sense than any other black male in/outside the AUC and all MC guys must marry a Spelman girl, as well as MC thinks of other black to be beneath them by saying you can distinguish a Man of Morehouse because a he writes with a pen, CAU writes with pencils, and Morris Brown writes with crayons. If you are a black male and you dont go to MC you are lower than dirt.


Well for one, the surrounding community feels that many of the men at morehouse are homosexuals and are self absorbed men. Also, Morehouse is over-rated and overpriced.


We are considered arrogant and the school has been rumored to be falling off from the days of King and Mays.


We are all stuck up. We are all biased towards women. Most of us are gay. We are all assholes. We aren't that interested in Black women. Pretty much any stereotype about successful middle and upper class black men.


One is that they have a huge ego. Another is that they can solve any problem that anyone else can't...and the biggest laugh of them all is that allegedly, they are renaissance men with a social conscience.... Ha!


Very Intelligent Young Leaders


Stereotypes of Morehouse college is that because Morehouse is an all male institution they are all gay. There is also the stereotype that we think we are better than people who don't go to Morehouse or Spelman(all female college)

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