Morehouse College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Morehouse is definitely the potential that the Morehouse community holds. The process of admission to the school brings people of all different backgrounds, skillsets, and passions. Should they be utilized and taught to their fullest potential, and directed towards causes that would better the world, the results would be wonderful. I , as a student, will push to make that possibility and potential a reality.


The best thing about my school is the brotherhood. Here at Morehouse I have gained many friends who I consider my brothers. I will do anything for my brothers that I can and they will do anything for me that they can. As a freshman we chanted I got my brothers back for at least an hour during new student orientation week. Ever since then, the freshman class of 2018 has had each others back.


The best thing about Morehouse College are the networking opportunites. There are so many fortune 500 companies, career expo's and job fairs that come and take place at Morehouse College that is it almosy unbelieveable. Each Department Chair in every major offered at Morehouse College consistently notifies their students about Graduate Programs, Medical Schools and Law Schools that are coming to visit as a means of keeping students on their toes by maintaining a professional image.


Best thing is the community, because out of all of what Morehouse has to offer it's the only thing that people pretend to enjoy the most. They're very hyped about the brotherhood of it all deapite the on-campus crimes and thefts.


My school is small and I allows teachers to have smaller class sizes. For me this is great because I am used to learning in this kind of environment. I also will be able to interact with my peers in class which may not have been the case if I went to a larger, public school.


The people, because we motivate each other.


I consider that fact that Morehouse College is a HBCU, to be the best because it allows us to have healthy, everyday competition with our peers in all aspects of life. Though all black, we come from diverse groups of academic, economic, national and cultural backgrounds, which provides a range of "competitors". Students bring a balance, from bookworms, to those that are in books 24/7, to the the middle of the road students, all who bring academic interpretations and opinions . Class sizes benefit socially by exposing different student body groups, which allows us to appreciate students with various struggles.


Thinking about what my institution offers, on becoming a man in our modern world, a black man in our modern world, my school sets the roadmap for students enrolled here. The African culture is the theme of my school, and that goes into the purpose, and it becomes the school's reputation. Morehouse College teaches young black men the tools to become leaders in their community and world; the essentials of brotherhood, community service, and education of yourself and your past, while at the same time preparing us for the real world and it's challenges.


The History and pride that comes with attending.


The best thing about my school is the history. There have been many students who have graduated and have become exceptional people. The school builds on certain values and relays them to all of the students. We all get a sense of place and belonging. We also get a sense of responsibililty. We are responsible for ourselves and our community.


The College's has a mission is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership, service and self-realization, emphasizing the continued search for truth in the liberal arts tradition.


The best thing about my school is the campus life. Morehouse College is a well known school to be very social. Everyone seems to get along with one another.


The best part of being in school is being away from home. I live in a very rough neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois thats ruled by gangs, drugs, theivery, and prostitution. And when I'm 765 miles away from home more so away from that it brings tears to my eyes. When I'm on the yard it feels good to know that I want have to worry about being jumped or not eating that night. I'm safe and in a place where I belong where everyone has the same goal in mind!


Hands-down, the best aspect of Morehouse is the brotherhood and comraderie. Morehouse is a family, and that was emphasized strongly throughout my time there. The theme of brotherhood was stressed to us at every major event we attended. We were encourage to accept and respect our brothers and I believe that many students (myself included) found lifelong friends there. It can safely be said that anyone who attends that college will leave changed for the better because of this one benefit alone.


the history, the morals, the ideals, the brotherhood


The experience you recieve meeting different types of people.


I Love how the students here get together in study groups and try very hard to help each other out with their studies. Sometimes it gets hard but I keep working. I like the hours of the cafeteria which allows those of us that have early or late classes to still get a good meal. I like the way that problems are handle in the dorms. I am grateful for the workstudy program because it allows me to have a little cash in my pocket and that helps out for washing my cloths and getting my other personal items.


The comradarie and brotherhood among the student body.


Its career opportunities because the best African American/ Black talent are concentrated in this environment


The best thing that I beleive that my school posesses is the fact that it is a Historically Black College. This allows me to become more knowledgeable of my African American history in addition to learning my area of study. Many well known African Americans have attended this college such as Martin Luther King Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and Benjamin E. Mays.

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