Morgan State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Morgan State University is a multi-cultural, forward thinking educational instituation that takes pride in its many high standing accomplishments.


Morgan state university is a very energetic school with students that are proud to be morganites.


My school is a great school. The environment is welcoming and warm. The professors are awesome. I love it there!!


The best way to describe my school is friendly, outgoing, outspoken, diversed school with students that know how to buckle down and get the work done, but also know how to cut loose to have fun.


Morgan State is a very interesting school.


right place to star for a good career


My school is a great school with responsible students that are all trying to get a degree in order to maintain a career for the future.


Morgan State University is an excellent school to build lasting friendships and sucessful careers.


Mys schoool is a working progress!


Morgan State University is very different it is in the middle of the urban community. Some profferesors are easier to understand than others, that is because a lot of the professors are not from the United States. This campus is not safe at all, multiple shootings happened here. Not all is bad though i think it gives the student a little dose of the real world which is very good in my opinion.


eager to conform


this is a school that looks foward to seeing you succeed


Morgan is a prelude to how life can be: challenging yet enlightening and fulfilling.


My school is an HBCU school so there is not a ton of diversity at the school. Although there are some students that come from other states and also other countries to learn here. The school is very deeply involved in the community as in looking for ways to clean up neighborhoods nearby.


I just transferred from University of Maryland; Eastern Shore a semester ago to Morgan State University and it has been very good experience for me because the school has so many opportunities such as research, software training programs and internship which helps all of us as who seek job opportunites post undergrad, in essence, the university is very beneficial to people that are from different places around the world to get the necessity education that they come for and gain work experience as well.


My school provides good education and social fun all at the same time.


Morgan State University is underrated.


Morgan State University is action-packed.


Morgan State University is a beautiful campus with a family of educators and peers that guide your education while teaching you life lessons on the way.


Morgan state is what you make it, it has so much potential for you to have a great experience.


Morgan State University is a place where your dreams come true.


They are very money hungry.


My school is diversely challenged, being that the majority of students here are African or Aafriacn-Americans.


Morgan State is an HBCU with a rigorous academic course offering.


It is Very Very BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN!! With up-to date and new infrastructure all around campus. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the busiest!, you'll see studets all around campus. Either going to or from class, rushing to the library to print out last minute due assignments, walking to the canteen in the student center to grab a grub. ** You will definitely see BRIDGEOLOGISTS!! ( Yup I made that word up) lol But those are students who are ***ALWAYS*** on the Bridge passing out flyers for parties smh. Morgan is like a big runway. Students who are always dressed up and in Hi-heels regardless of the season ( Short skirts during winter) and others feel that they MUST keep up with the latest trend. I must admit that I use to be like that my freshman and early sophomore years. I was trying to "look Cute" and would wear shoes that were sometimes unconfortable and painful and would make me late for class ALWAYS... Now when I look back, I don't know what I was thinking. Now, my concern is to get to class on-time and wear VERY CONFORTABLE shoes especially when I know i will be going from Murphy Fine Arts to Communications. While there are some good looking and nicely dressed up people, some just look a HOT mess just as in any other school.


Morgan State University is one of the most finiest brand name school throughout Maryland.


Morgan looks like it is frozen in the past! You can just see how rich the history is. Most of the buildings are brick, and the greek plots on campus are very prominently placed.


Morgan State University is a school that helps students to grow academicaly and socialy.


If you have seen Morgan State then you may be able to appreciate the old and the new things about our university. We have buildings that were built in the 1920's and we also have brand new buildings like our 65 million dollar library that is only a few years old. Our campus is small to medium sized and you do not have to do too much walking to get to your classes. No walk on campus exceeds 15 minutes. Our campus is beautiful and it is currently under construction to be improved even more.


My school is marked by the stunning Richardson library and the majestic Holmes Hall, a large clock tower building home to many of the General Education courses. You rarely see trash on the campus, and the grass is jade green. We have lots of building that look historical, however, in reality they are bustling anew.


I'm from a tropical island, St. Lucia so the first thing I notice about a place is how green it is. I find trees make an environment very relaxing and its nice to listen to the chirpy birds as you pass by. So that's a round-a-bout way of saying there are lots of trees around campus. It's about a 15 minute walk from one end to the other so you don't have a long hike to get to and from classes. The buildings, parking garage and stadium are in one area so you don't have an option of driving through main campus rather you can drive around, park and easily walk wherever you need to go. Most of the dorms are concentrated on one end of the campus, right next to the main dining hall. The second dining hall is in the student center which is the hub of activity on campus. I'm used to 96 degrees in the shade so I like the fact that everything is close by so there's not much walking out in the cold to get around.


Morgan State University is a fairly big historically black school where most students take their education seriously while others make it a fashion show.


A school of high education, and one that knows how to party.


Morgan State University is a school of many distinctions, it is the best and worst place to be because it has so many places to go on campus but its located in the middle of a region where nothing is in walking distance.


Morgan State University represents a school that has double standards that are absolutely ridiculous, and the standards are unattainable due to the professors who are partially serious about students whoi actually desire to learn.


My school is very historical and helpful toits students.


Morgan State University is a school that is always moving and if you are not a grounded student you can and will get lost in the boiling pot called Morgan State University.


Big party school, but very school oriented.


Fashion show


It's a medium sized HBCU in Baltimore City.


We are a big family.


Morgan State University is orginal, school sprited, and has great students.


Morgan is an academically astute and culturally intriguing school that allows students many opportunities both in school and in life.


My school is a great place to learn, and experience a Historical Black University. It teachers you so much about life, history and many other topics. This school has enabled me to be an abstract thinker. I believe that I have had a great experience while attending a Historical Black University.


It is ok.




Morgan State University is very involved in the community.


Morgan State University is a HBCU where students are very diverse.


Full of shit


Morgan State University is an institution of higher learning that focuses on the needs and wants of the students while ensuring we receive a top-notch education and are prepared for the professional world upon graduation.