Morgan State University Top Questions

Describe how Morgan State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


eager to conform


this is a school that looks foward to seeing you succeed


Morgan is a prelude to how life can be: challenging yet enlightening and fulfilling.


My school is an HBCU school so there is not a ton of diversity at the school. Although there are some students that come from other states and also other countries to learn here. The school is very deeply involved in the community as in looking for ways to clean up neighborhoods nearby.


I just transferred from University of Maryland; Eastern Shore a semester ago to Morgan State University and it has been very good experience for me because the school has so many opportunities such as research, software training programs and internship which helps all of us as who seek job opportunites post undergrad, in essence, the university is very beneficial to people that are from different places around the world to get the necessity education that they come for and gain work experience as well.


My school provides good education and social fun all at the same time.


Morgan State University is underrated.


Morgan State University is action-packed.


Morgan State University is a beautiful campus with a family of educators and peers that guide your education while teaching you life lessons on the way.


Morgan state is what you make it, it has so much potential for you to have a great experience.