Morgan State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very outgoing for the most part.


My classmates are determined and focus. We all have the same goal in life. We want to become graduating senior of Morgan State University. They have compassion for their career goals. They make other students want to try their best in their feild.


My classmates are students from diverse cultures and nationalities who are very ambitious, studious and talented and are willing to attain college success and career development through rigorous academic work and participation in extra-curricular activities.


Well, I have not attended classes yet, but from my interaction with the students and members of staff of morgan state university, it is clear that the people are very receptive and friendly. From the time I walked into the school; trying to find my way around, the students were quite very helpful in directing me rightly. Also, I believe classroom at morgan will just be like every other ones I have been in. Where you have people you can count on, should you have an emmergency. Finally, this application is as a result of my interaction with a student.


My classmates are talented, motivated, and the friendliest individuals and they are willing to help each other with anything.


Classmates are supportive and willing to help. An futher explanation of willing to help, is that they are willing to use their personal time to go over notes with you and exchange notes that were missed.


My classmates are curious, smart and helpful as much as they can be.


My classmates are very helpful and want to success in life, they take thier studies very serious.


My classmates are friendly, respectful, and smart.


Classmates are different, nothing like high school.


I think half of the class actully wants to learn and do their own work and the other half are looking for a easy passing grade.


My classmates in my major are like my family, been together since freshmen year.


Very diverse bunch of students from all different walks of life. Ages range from as low as 16, to as old as 55.


Classmates come from all time of backgrounds and from all time of places around the world. The student body is very diverse


My classmates were helpful and friendly individuals.


Since i got into the nursing program on August 2012, my classmates have been outstanding in their perfomancies, they know it that nursing program lectures never waits for no body so they all got engaged to excel.


The majority of my classmates are diverse, eager, educated, and ready to take on exciting challenges.


My classmates are very cooperative and like to work as a team


My classmate are very attentive.


At Morgan State University, the classmates I take classes with are very respectful to the professors and are willing to learn the material that the professors give us on a daily bases which makes it easier as a student because we are all able to help each other out when we need assitance, we're able to get support from one another when we struggle on assignments specially for me it is very essential since I am in Engineering and it is a quite difficult.


Family. (Best word that can sum it up)


Some of my classmates are serious with their education while some take is for granted.


A friendly body, everybody encourages eachother


My classmates have a lot of maturing to do.


very engaging and helpful.


My classmates have been very passionate, exciting, and interesting.


My classmates here at Morgan have been helpful and welcoming.


My classmates are people who are like me, people on my level, people who are trying to make something out of themselves and taking the steps necessary to reach goals in high places.


My classmates are young college students that are trying to make a difference in the world we live in. They come from poverty areas and are working very hard in college to make better lives for our families and the ones we love.




The students at my school are very unified. There are different cliques but no one is sheltered or shuns any other person away. Most people tend to hang with people that are in their their major. I think that is so because those people have the most in common with each other and they understand exactly what the other is going through in class.


The students at Morgan State are predominately African American/black with a small mixture of other races. Students expressed themselves anyway they know how from hairstyles to clothes, its really an open community, Most students are from the same area whether it be from Baltimore, New York, or PG county, etc. Most students get along while others not so much just as in life in general.


Morgan State University is a Historically Black Institution so the population is predominantly African American. Despite that fact most of the students still have very different backgrounds as far as their hometowns, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. There are many international students especially in science related departments and they all interact with one another building strong bonds and communities. Generally most students are from the DC, Maryland, and Virgina regions. Students from New York and New Jersey also have a distinct presence on the campus.


Morgan State University is an HBCU. Most students here are of African American descent, but we do have other ethnic groups here. I've never heard of any ethnic group feeling "out of place". Everyone here is a family. Most students have their on unique style. A lot of times the way someone is dressed tells you where they are from, if they are apart of a fraternity or sorority or apart of any other type of organization or group on campus. Students also wear a lot of Morgan State paraphernalia. We take pride in being apart of this "Bear Nation". Students are politically aware of a lot of things. We hold forums and have different people come and speak to inform our students about things that are going on, how to become more successful and other topics. We've had people from all walks of life including, Russel Simmons, LaToya Carter, Nikki Giovanni and many more. Most students are from Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. Morgan State is the true definition of a "melting pot".


The students at Morgan State University are majority African-American, but are also diverse in other racial backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientation. Sub communities exist with several organization and clubs. Morgan State University is very supportive of student diversity and allow students to start their own organizations.


There are different cultures and people . You have Greek Life , SGA , dance teams , etc. People wear things that make them feel comfortable and accepted . There are LGBT parties , soroities and fraternities . Something caters to everyone. and i mean EVERYONE people intereact well because there are really no fighting moments on campus . we stand for what we believe and want


some students are racist, some are friendly, some are not friendly. although no one is perfect, but some students can prefer clubbing to studying


The academics at Morgan State University are great. The teachers do work with their students to know them personally by name. The class sizes are good to the point where there is a max of 25-30 in most classes. Some classes have more and some have less. Overall the teachers are equipped and skilled to learn their many different students in a short period of time. I can not say that I have had a least favorite class. I know that science and history is not my strongest subjects. However, at Morgan, they hire teachers that are passionate in their fields. Regardless if you did not like a subject, when you have a teacher who is passionate about the material it is easy to learn and to actually enjoy what your learning. Students are studying all the time. At any time of the day you can catch students in the library from sun up to sun down. During midterm and finals week you will see a lot more students utilizing the library and the service hours are increased for those reasons. However, Morgan State University has many different computer labs on campus that can be used so there are many places where students can study and print. Because the class sizes are relatively small, the teachers do require and want students to actively participate in class. When you participate you honestly learn more about the topic at hand and the subject overall. It is easier to understand the class and pass with flying colors. The students do realize this and many students participate in class discussions. Definitely on Morgan's campus will you find students have intellectual conversations and debates outside the classroom with other students and faculty. The students are abreast on the activities that are happening on their campus, in their community, and around the world. Many students and organizations, therefore, hold many forums to bring light to issues from around the world. The students are competitive when it comes to things on campus. I would suggest to be yourself and always bring your A game. I am in the Sociology Department and it is a great department. The department has faculty that truly care for their students and immerse them into the career through forums, excursions, and hands on training. Because the teachers are so caring I do speak with a hand full of them outside school via cell phone and Facebook. Our school, from others stand point of view, has low requirements in terms of getting into the school. This is because Morgan State University wants to give all the opportunity to attend school. Once you are a student, you must do your work in order to stay in. Like any school you have to care about your work and do good in order to succeed. Morgan State University has an educational program that gears its students to get ready for their career and getting a job. There are so many programs and events that happen on campus that gives students opportunities for internships, jobs, and career experience.


The students here are very diverse. Some students dress like they are going to a party everyday. Some are very professional in business attire, and some just dress as if they are leaving the gym. It is all a personal preference but I have never seen or been teased about what I wore to school. There are many social, student, and Greek organitions on campus that help keep the morale and school spirit up. Most people that are active in school activities know everyone on campus because the campus is not very large so you pretty much see the same people.


Although most of the students at the school are African American, there are so many differences between the students. We come from so many different backgrounds and have many different interests. It's not hard to find very driven individuals and people who are focused on acheiving what ever goals they have. You would think that Caucasians would feel out of place, however, I had a Caucasian roommate my first year and she found many different interests on campus. There are people who find their own niches in some of the different organizations and sports teams but within these groups are many types of people.


The students at my school are mixed and divided. They are one divided by where you are from, the students from NY hang together the students from DC hang together, etc. Though they are divided by region there is no tension or bad feelings toward each other , its simply because they feel most comfortable around each other. Their is also students who are associated through groups, organizations, and greek life. The school is divided by that as well those who are into extra-curricular things at school and those who only want to hang with their friends.Most students are friendly even though they might not be people you hang with everyday, everyone is social with each other. Freshman year their are usually alot of egos and fights seeing as though your young and never been around noone but those from your neighborhood. Not that you should feel threatened its only if you have that mindset.


The students at the school are definitely one of a kind. It's very rare to find two different individuals who act alike unless they are twins and even still, there would be differences. The student body of the university is mostly African-Americans, since the school is an HBCU. New students really should not feel out of place at this school simply because there is way to much individuality.


On any given day at Morgan State it is very likely that there will be interaction between students from many different countries around the world even though the majority of the students are African Americans. Absolutely no student feels out of place at the university because each student is an individual and is seen as such (race is not a factor).


The students at Morgan State university are quite diverse. Not only do they come from all over the country and the world, but they hold many different interests. On the whole, students are quite welcoming. I personally have never attended a course without making one or two friends. If there is a pecking order, I am yet to see it. I think this stems from the fact that most students come from the same socio-economic background. The student government and the student body are quite active politically. Professors and instructors also help to foster this behavior by engaging students in debates within the classroom. Students are encouraged to pay attention to the things happening around them.


I really feel left out of any group on campus. They all seem to be geared towards black people. I have looked into a few clubs, but they all state evensome in their title that they are for blacks. I feel out of place on campus, so I would say anyone who isn't black would feel somewhat not accepted. Most male students dress "hiphop", most female students dress nicely. Yes I see lots of interaction between people of all backgrounds. They are all black people talking loudly, dressed similarly. They do not acknowledge me, ever. Most students are from the surrounding area of Baltimore. Financial backgrounds are mostly from lower income households with a few prevalent students. I don't see many people on campus involved, or aware of the political ring. I haven't talked to anyone about their potential earnings. I think most people are just happy to survive their classes.


Students at Morgan are VERY diverse with people from all types of ethnic background, race and heritage ( Hispanic, African, african-American, native american, Caucasian and many more) . Students at Morgan come from many different states as well but most students come from New York, New Jersey and DC. There are different groups for ex. ISA-International Student Association , Campus christians United, ABC modeling, Greek Organizations, Student government and just so many organizations that I can't name all. students wear anything from comfy-sweat pants and flats to hi heels and dresses to class. Students are very friendly although there are some people who may not be as sociable. Students are very active and play a big role on Campus for ex. Student employment enables students to work in different departments on campus,i work at the student center at the front desk because I love talking to people. Morgan is live!!! There is always something to do and no one could feel left out because there are many cliques from skate borders and dancers to Biology,science and political science clubs.


Students at Morgan are VERY diverse and there are different groups for ex. ISA-International Student Association , Campus christians United, ABC modeling and just so many organizations that I can't name all. students wear anything from comfy-sweat pants and flats to hi heels and dresses to class. Students are very friendly although there are some people who may not be as sociable. Students are very active and play a big role on Campus for ex. Student employment enables students to work in different departments on campus,i work at the student center at the front desk because I love talking to people.


Students at Morgan all get along very well despite various different backgrounds. There is something for everyone on campus, whether they are LGBT, black, white, asian, small, tall, athletic, or lazy. No student would feel out of place because all of the students are very warm and gracious. Morgan State is a very liberal campus, the majority of students are Democratic.




Different types of students do not interact, everyone usually converse with people who look like themselves. I usually see a whole group of Asians together, Hispanics together, Whites together, Nigerians together etc. etc.