Morgan State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Morgan State University is best known for there activities and events because there is something always going on, on campus for the students.


My school is best known for thier school spirit. The Freshman and Upper classmates have so much school spirit. Morgan State University contains alot of people who have a high energy of school spirit .


My school is best known for providing a work hard ethic, safe, and healthy environment for their students so they could become the best leaders that will be starting in the work force.


The best part of attending Morgan State Unversity is that it a wonderful environment if you are a studious person. As a biology major, Morgan State is the perfect size school in order to accomodate your learning, if you are passionate. During my tenure, I have learned exponentially from the tutoring programs available. Also, professors are very accessible to students. This creates an environment of confidence for students, because we can have faith in professors truly helping us along the way. Also, I have a lot of faith in MSU's mathematics programs. Many of the professors are excellent instructors.


Has a good business school and lots of opportunities.


My school is best known for the percentage of black engineers that graduate. My school is also known for their civil engineering graduates program.


Morgan is best known for a great enginnering program. They have updated equipments for learning, as well as professors who challenge the students. The students in turn are eager to learn. This school has produced top leaders in enginneering all over the world. This also goes the same for the other programs, but the engineering department stands out.


Morgan State University is best known for thier engineering program, the engneering program is excellent and students that leave with this degree do really well and become successful. We are also known for our campus life, we have a lot going on every day within the sudent center such as programs, events, talent shows, etc.


The great Engineering program (one of the best in the nation), choir, football team, etc


My school is best known for its diversity, majors, and minors.


football , enginerring and frats


Morgan is best known for there amazing homecoming!


I know that Morgan State University is known for it's engineering program, and that many famous people have graduated from Morgan.


It sounds sad to say but most people know about the school because of the crime, but I am in a group with a few Communications majors, and we are in the process of changing that as soon as possible. Instead of so much bad press, we want to get good press involved with our university and have good things to say about us and make people want to attend the university, as well as stay at the university instead of transferring.


My school is best known for school spirit, Morgan pride. As well as o ur engeneering program




My school is best known for the excellent business program, as well as the physcology program. We are also known for our many great sports team and the spirit that the school has. Many of our sports teams have MEAC championships, and they wouldn't be anything without the support of the entire school behind them.


Morgan is known for their engineering program and sports.


I attend Morgan State University, my school is know for being a Historical Black College. Before I attended Morgan State I didn't really have much knowlege on the school. To be honest, I didnt know anything about it. I have attended Morgan for one term and I am in love with school. I like the acedemics and the campus life, its a great school to find out who you really are.


Morgan is a historically black college and Maryland's designated public urban university. As Maryland's "public urban university," Morgan is committed to providing opportunity of higher education to all persons regardless of socio-economic status. Though it is a public institution, Morgan is not a part of the University System of Maryland; the school opted out of becoming a part of the system.


My school is best known for there engineeering Program


My favorite campus traditions is homecoming week and I love Morgan Day. Homecoming week is a week where there are events to do on and off campus off week. From concerts to comedians coming to fashion shows, this week is filled with fun. To top it all off, we have the infamous football game at the end the week, where all the students, staff, alumni, family and friends all come together and have a good time. I Love MSU day is a day where a carnival takes place on the school's football field. They have everything you could think of. Games, inflatables, face painting, basketball, food, and much more. This is a time for the students and show how much they love their school. This events how much of a family MSU is and the love we have not only for the school, but also for each other.


The Promethean Procession is a tradition for Freshmen. The incoming Fall semester Freshmen class join together for a candle-lighting ceremony. They then have to walk across the Welcome Bridge without allowing an Upperclassmen to blow their candle out. The urban myth is that however many times a candle is blown out, represents the extra year added to your expected graduation date. I Love Morgan Week is a week long celebration in the Spring semester. At the end of the week, there is a fun fair on campus with a carnival-like setup (i.e. cotton candy, popcorn, ice cones, air-blown obstacle course, sumo-wrestling, human sized bowling, human water dunking games, live entertainment, etc.) and a Kings Dominion or Six Flags trip on that Saturday.


My favorite campus tradition which I am biased about is the Annual Martin Luther King Scholarship Breakfast sponsored by Howard L. Cornish Allumni Chapter of Morgan which awards students with lap tops and scholarships and the reason for my choice is because I am a recipient of this scholarship so you bet I ALWAYS look forward to it. Plus, Martin's West hosts this event and they serve some good breakfast! All you need to apply for this scholarship by the way is 2.5 and above GPA which is not bad at all!


I'm a freshman, so I don't really know what's a one-time opportunity and what's a "tradition", really. I do know the Probates are a big deal. I went to the Que (Omega Psi Phi) Probate, and had a good time watching the new frat brothers be initiated. I think next year, the Probates will mean a lot more to me once members I know are initiated. It's an especially big deal because the new members have to keep a HUGE secret about their initiation. So when their masks are torn off, it's really exciting to see which of your friends were accepted.


The Greek culture in Morgan is one of the most exciting traditions on campus. There is so much pride about being in a fraternity or sorority and the members are highly respected throughout campus. However, it is very demanding so right now I just enjoy being a member of prestigious honors societies and will join a sorority probably later as I matriculate through Morgan.


My two favorite campus traditions are homecoming and I love Morgan week. They are weeks (one in fall and the other in spring) that bring our univesity together. During homecoming, Morgan alumni come back and we get a chance to see how much the community and Morgan graduates truly love our university. Listening to the stories, you get a chance to envision what campus used to be like and wonder how much it will change even when you graduate. Both weeks are filled with events such as concerts, step shows, comedy shows, etc. I love Morgan week even has a special day where obstacle courses, moon bounces, vendors, and a DJ are all set up on the football field for us to have a good time, they even cancel class for a few hours of the day so we can enjoy the festivities!


The engineering program at my school.


The acedemic prestige on the campus is excellent. Morgan State University has teachers who are extrememly qualified to teach students the material they need to kno to compete in the world a head of them. Morgan State University is also known for its athletic department. The men's basketball team has been the MECA Champions for two yrs striaght. The men's team have made the NCAAbasketball tournament two years straight.


my school is best known for its engineering program and its athletic program, because it is one of the top schools for its engineering programs.


My school is best known for its outstanding engineering and business schools. I am a English major with a concentration on Journalism. My school has helped me cultivate my skills as a journalist with the help of dynamic journalism and communication department professors. My english professors also play a pivotal role in everything I have learned here. My school just opened a new library with state of the art architecture in which I am extremely proud!


Morgan State University is known for its parties but the academics are outstanding.


Morgan State University is known for it's academics. Our HBCU excels in academics, and mostly everyone goes on to pursue successful careers.


Business Program




Morgan State University is best known for the egineering program. Many students that come out of the eginerring program at Morgan State University tend to be very sucessful. Also Business and Management is known at Morgan, many people come from different companies come to morgan to recruit. Many egineering and business majors graduate from morgan and become very sucessful.


The good school spirit and excellent amount of successful graduates.


My school is best known for its numerous scandals involving misappropiated funds used by the university, its President, and his appointees. Also for its sports.


im not sure


Both are chior and band are nationally recognized. School is high ranking HBCU


Morgan State University is best known for its engineering program. Although duplicated by Towson we still have a record high of graduating engineering majors. Our school is also known for its Psychology program it is the number twelve in the country.


its business and engineering schools


Their School of Business, thier school of Engineering, and their parties.






I guess sports and the communication departments.


An HBCU and football.