Morgan State University Top Questions

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I can not say much about other school since I believe that this school is good for me and that I do not need to attend or look for another school.


My school is a HBCU which stands for Historically Black College or Unniversity.


To me Morgan State University is unique because it runs through the city of Baltimore and we are in walking distance to our own shopping center.




It is a HBCU and have had alumi go on to become billionaire philanthropists such as Earl G. Graves Sr. We also have alumi whoare famous Hollywood directors such as David E. Talbert.


Morgan State University (M.S.U) is one of the most prestigious universities in America with good engineering program. M.S.U is an accredited university with various engineering program, which includes Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil , Industrial and Transportation. M.S.U also have great professors and teachers with good academic background. Furthermore, M.S.U is a school that is believes in relationship. They connect people together from different parts of the world like Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. M.S.U also have good facilities like library, research lab, classroom, computer lab, and game courts.


Morgan State University's president has an open - door policy and regularly socializes with the student body.


Morgan State definately has a strong support system. I believe that if everyone in the school had to push the school to a new location it could be accomplished just with the teamwork and work ethic of the students there.


Social life


What is unique about my school is that it has the HBCU atmosphere. At Morgan State, there is a loving person around every corner. When I was visiting other schools, Morgan State reeled me in the most by the academic and social life.


Morgan state is one the top university department of engeneering in the united state of America and also only university offers Medical techology in the state of marland.


The school is close to home but also far, and very diverse. Despite, the diversity I also come across plenty of familiar faces.


I am from NYC. Morgan State differed from my other prospective college choices because it was a small city. Example some of my choices included college/university from my state, which would have been a similar experience for me and some of my other college/university choices were in the suburbs, which I am defintely not used to.


The most unique thing about Morgan State University is it's ethnic diversity


One unique thing about my school is the atmosphere and the fact that everything here is student friendly and student orientated.


This school is very close to my home, and the professors were very easy to talk to and the housing for on campus was easy to obtain.


I really don't know.


its a hbcu with a lot of history


Morgan State University, is one of the smaller schools which I considered, extremely family oriented.


Even Morgan State University is a historically black college/University, the support, and welcome shown to other ethnic groups is outstanding.


Morgan State is really unqiue because it is really a family and helpful.


Good working environment. Affordable and reliable.


Morgan State serves all demographics - from lower-class to upper-class, they strive to ensure all their students graduate with excellence, integrity, respect, diversity, innovation and leadership.


Morgan is diverse and the staff seems to care about success


There is a great deal of Black emphasis and pride.


The thing that is mostly unique about my school is the interaction between the students and the sga


What I find unique about my school is the history of blacks that is taught in almost every class I attend. My professors understand that we truly do not understand what are ancestors went through to get us to attend a HBCU and they educate us daily about what really happened.


This school has a very mature school setting. It is very organized and the administration are very helpful. I would recommend for anyone to attend this school it is a very good school.


The students are extremly supportive and the staff tries to make sure you get everything taken care of academically if you help your self as well.


I love Morgan<3. Thank you Morgan State University, President, Faculty, Staff, students, and just everyone that has made my Morgan experience an enjoyable one. Thank you Morgan State School of Engineering, SEM financial Awards, The Morgan State Foundation. Thank you all so much. I am really glad I choose Morgan. Morgan forever...forever Morgan.


Compared to other schools that I considered, Morgan is extremely diverse and has a very active campus. No matter what day it is, there is always something going on whether it's a play, step show, featured speakers or an ice cream social. The greek life on campus is very active as well as many different academic and cultural organizations. I was very impressed.




its professors are so easy going and very good in their fields


It was much closer to home but still in a urban area with a population of around 7000+. I love the fact that is an HBCU. Its also much more affordable.


There school has all new and remoldeled facilities that have been funded by the state. The school also has a very good Business program that i was interested in.


morgan is the top black enginnering college in the united states.


Our library is a very large one.


My school has a very good reputation for my field of study.




the legacy


Has a well known engineering program.


It was an HBCU in a mid-major city. There was night life mixed with the flair of an HBCU


The love for one another. The self determination of students to finish school and the sudden chane in success of the athletic department.


Teachers are really dedicated.