Morgan State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I always brag about the Greek Life we offer here and all the events/parties they host. Also, my school offers many lectures and convications to hear professionals or students talk.


When I talk to my friends who attend other colleges, I tell them about how beautiful the campus looks, and how it is always improving. Also, that the students are really involved in community service on and off campus. Furthermore, there are a lot of activities to enjoy in between studying and classes. For instance, my school would have movie nights, game nights, and live performances such as stepshows and stand-up comedy. There is never a dull moment on my campus.


The food here. My friends know i love to eat and would eat all day everyday if i could. I would tell what they serve here or that i ate already but im still hungry and want more food. They always know that im eating something or i ate or im about to eat.


I brag most about the stimulating acaedemic environment that Morgan State University provides. For an example, Morgan state University has two large libraries with four floors filled with computers and a range of textbooks and novels, a lot of free tutors, and organizations that encourage and motivate students to excel.


I brag about Morgan State being an historically black college all the time. I do it because as a HBCU we act like one big family, everyone speaks to everyone. We have many diffrent types of organizations which are families within a family. We have alot of diffrent events that are very fun. You meet lifetime friends and its just alot of fun to be apart of a HBCU community.


I brag that my university is one of the most prestegious universities in the country.


One of the most interesting thing about M.S.U is the research lab. M.S.U have about 25 research labs that is open for any student that wants to learn more about there line of interest. I am recently doing a research on Cyber Security, which relate to my major (Electrical and Computer Engineering) in one of the research labs. In this lab I have learnt about intrusion detection system, how to secure a network from being hacked, and scanning for system vulnerability to detect loopholes. Through this lab, I have learnt how to protect a client network.


When I brag about my university I mainlt talk about the diverse culture and also all the social and curricular activites that are involved on campus. Also I express how great our homecoming week is and as well as the welcoming return of our alimni's. Even the faculty is also quite involved with incresing the knowledge of their students.


I would have to say my professors!! Like I said before, they are pretty awesome!!


I love my school's engineering program. There is nothing but opportunity for this program. Almost everyday there are different companies coming in to discuss internship and job placement opportunities.


Social life, academic competitvie


I brag about the "homey" environment of the school. I am extremely comfortable and can make friends easily.


I like to speak abundantly and most highly of my Physics department. My professors are incredible, and such brilliant men! I enjoy working closely with them and feeding off of their energy. They joke intelligently with us. The conversations had are informal enough to considerably be between that of friends, though a level of sincere respect is always maintained between both parties. They listen to us as if we may one day spit out a moment of sheer genius. We're taken as seriously as we take them. It's a respectful, productive and prospering relationship between faculty and students.


This school has a lot of resources for you to get a job or internship. You can never go wrong with the resources at Morgan State University. We also have a great engineering program, the faculty keeps you focused when you lose track.


The one thing I always brag about is the heart that majority of the professors have here at Morgan. The professors really do care about their students when it comes to the academics.


I brag mostly about the band, since I'm in the marching band. Also I brag about the science program since I am a biology student. I tell people about how Morgan never stops building more things on campus to make it a better learning environment for it's students.


We have one of the best engineering programams!


The thing that I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is the drive and focus of the students. The students at my school are determined and motivated and they put in the work that needs to be done and everyone is always on the move.


I brag the most about how the teachers are so much more better than highschool ones. Plus I brag about how independent you are, it maybe tough at first, however; it has been a great experience. My school definitely prepares all of us for the adult life.


The social capacity of school and the student organizations that are on the campus. Also, the research programs and facilities as well as the extensive network the school host for job and career placement. people are very friendly.


I brag that I attend a well-known school in Maryland.


what i brag about most when talking about Morgan State University is the great professors. The professors at this amazing university make going to college a wonderful experiance. Not only are the professors exceptional, but so are the students that attend Morgan. If anyone comes to the Morgan State University, they will have the same home and loving feeling i have.


I really do not brag about my school because I only have completed a year there. My first year I did not really get my full experience because of me having to adjust and it took me longer socially to come out of my shell. But if I were to brag about anything I wuld brag about the academics, there are some good teachers here who are willing to work with you!


My school is a school that brings out your brightness. One can never know what he is capable of until he is being tried. Morgan tries your ability, and make you surprise at yourself. Above all, it is the cheapest school one can get with so much quality, and they make African Americans wake up from their hiding spots and show they are one American, one Nation. African Americans in the school appreciate their heritage and are not shying away from who they are, while other races have also learned to discard the thoughts from their ancestor about racism.


What I brag about the most when I tell friends about my school is the rich heritage and awesome Professors.


Amazing School Spirit. Great Professors that will help you if you show that your trying. Great Chapel Amazing Pastor and Awesome Choir!


I tell my friends about the school spirit my school has. Whenever there is a problem in the community, Morgan State University students are the first to peacefully protest and voice our opinions.


What I brag about most when telling my friends about my school is how everyone is so eager to learn and just wants the best for you, not only the professors but the students as well. If you miss a class than someone is always there to give you whatever you missed, and there are many study groups on campus that help you to keep on track. The atmosphere makes you want to learn because you see everybody around you is so focused and you dont want to be the one thats left behind.


I bragg about the career opportunities at our school and social events that take place on campus.


The campus activitys are ALWAYS fun. The organizations on campus never fail to amp up the students for a positive cause.


The thing I most brag about is that 90 percent of the students at Morgan State receive financial aid. That is one of the most important things when it comes to College because College has become so expensive.


My School has an abundance of school spirit when it comes to sports, fraternities, and overall community involvement. I love my school because there is never a dull moment and some schools are just plain boring. When my friends have visited the often say how energetic my campus is and how they want to come visit more often, I take pride in my school athletically and academically.


At Morgan the advisors are extremely helpful and it is also beneficial to have designated advisors for each major. The professor's are also extremely knowlegeable and helpful of course there is always the exceptions which are very few from my experience thus far.


For me I just brag about myself because making it in college is one of my most greatest accomplishments. With it being an HBCU I feel very proud to go to Morgan. It also gave me a chance to get in through the summer program CASA so I am appreciative of that. From my experience so far I would say the professors are very involved from others I hear from at other universities. Moragn State will be my path to a better future.


Best engineering school in the state and they offered me a full scholarship.


basketball team, division one school, our chrous, and our research/engineering program and political science department!


The parties and the fun people on campus.


I usually brag about the school of business because its very good. i would also brag about it being on the east coast which makes it close to other states.


I brag the most on the diversity and the mixed cultures of states in the U.S as well as the islands and other countries. I also brag on the growth and the facilities on campus


I brag about the school spirit and the motivation of the students. I always brag about our national best chior and marching band.


School Spirit


How my teachers know my name within a week and I am not a number in the classroom. I can get help from my teacher by just asking.






I am an architecture major so I mostly about the Architecture program that my school has. The professors are helpful and do what they can to make sure we get the help that the students. Also, we do a lot projects and have people come in to speak to us that work in the feild already.


I usually tell all my friends that even though it is an HBCU, it is very diverse and a fun place to attend. I also brag about the national standing of the engineering school of Morgan State.