Morgan State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person/student who possess a strong drive to learn should attend an HBCU as Morgan State University. This school is located in the inner city, so you can not be fearful but fearless.


A person who is social and loves to contribute to their community.


The kind of person that shoud attend Morgan State University should be willing to participate in organizations or have the drive to be active in any way on campus. Being a sociable person will help a student become comfortable on campus. Making friends and meeting people that have the same drive to succeed makes the college experience exciting. An energized or outgoing person should attend this school also. There are many activites to participate in all over the campus. Most importantly, any student who would like to have a victorious life during and after college should attend Morgan State University.


Morgan State is a historically black college so if you want to learn more about your culture as an African American, I believe its a good college to attend. Also, if you aren't African American but want to learn something different and be around a different culture, Morgan State would be a good college to get that experience from.


Morgan is a comprised of mostly african american students and international students. Therefore socially, if anyone can get along with these group of people, he/she will have no problem there. Academically, if the person wants to be challenged, this is the school for him/her. In other words, Morgan is for someone who is well rounded and is ready to excel.


The person who attends this school should be willing to work in order to achieve their goals. They should also be open to meeting new people and making connections on and around campus. They can not have a one track mind, but be able to adapt to the situations and area around them.


all ambitious students that have stronge dertermination to succed educationally and is ready to put in the desired work ethic towards a successful educational experience. Also any students that is into extra curricular activities lke sports, ferternities and sororities, volunteer works social club activities and other fun activities like parties etc.


Someone who can focus and not be distracted by outside distractions. They should be ready to work hard and aim for a degree and not get caught up in the college life distractions.


If you want to go somewhere that is you won't just feel like another number, this is the place for you.


A person who is dedicated to their work study. Its easy to become unfocused because of other students, however if you are determined you will succeed.


anyone who is willing to learn and succeed .


Morgan State University is a college that is open to all diverse people. Everyone there is different but gets along, enjoy experiencing something new.


The ideal person who is one who enjoys large ethnic diversity that Morgan State University has to offer. They should also be prepared to the handle the enormous workload that each course demands.


Anyone should attend this school, while it is diverse already it could use a bit more diversity amongst the students.


A person who is confident and willing to learn new things as well as challenge themselves both socially and mentally.


In my opinion, the best students for this school are those that really know the purpose of their enrolling in the school because any student that is not serious with no be guaranteed for any short cut to success.


A person who is willing to learn more about historical black colleges.


Anybody that plans to do their work should attend Morgan. If you are planning to go to Morgan just to party then go ahead and rip your application now. You are spending to much money to waste it due to late nights out. Only the strong minded will make it.


The kind of person who should attend this school, is someone who is an individual but whats to learn more about themselves and other people.


A person willing to focus, learn and give their all in the classroom but have a little bit of fun on the side


The kind of person who should attend this schoold is an indivdual who has the time to help themselves. They need extra studying time becaus ethe professors do not really care to help, they are just here for a pay check. You need time and patience as well. Have a positive attitude and a good head on your shoulders. Remember that your main goal is education.


The perfect student for Morgan state Unveristy would be a student who enjoys getting his work compeleted, but wants to make the most of his college experience. A person that stays in his dorm all day long would hate Morgan State but its a socail for thoses students in between a nerd and and a social person. Morgan has a lot of distraction but you still need to stay focus and rememeber why you are here to obtian a degree.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a mature individual who is looking to brighten their horizons. They must be ready to learn something new and open minded to the fact that even though everyone may "look like you" students come from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.


Anyone who wants to recieve a quality education should attend Morgan State University. There are plenty of degrees to major in and also many on campus activities to get involved in. The professors that I have encountered have all been very knowledgeable and respectful. If you enjoy having ome fun outside of your academics this is a great school because it is located in the heart of Baltimore. There are many surrounding universities such as Loyola and Towson to visit.


Personally, I think anyone should be able to attend this University. Although it is an HBCU the University provides a diverse baskground and also everyone workd togeher to be apart of the Morgan family.


Anyone who takes education seriousely. This is a school who has something for any and everbody, fromage 18 to 100.




Unfortunately I discovered that this institution reminds me more of a city community college feel. Honestly when I first stepped on campus I wasn't sure if I was walking into a strip club or a place of higher education the female dress to me is more inappropriate than not.


any body who is dedicated o serious work and has a goal of getting a degree


Well the kind of person that should attend this college is a person that wants to prosed there life as an engineer, because the college is an engineering college. If you’re not a person that good in math or physics then this is not the college for you. It’s a great place if you want to be an engineer and you’re not good in math they will help with your work and make sure you understand the work that was given to you by your teacher. If you’re an engineer, this is the place for you.


Coming from a community college I expected the employees at a university to be even more enthusiastic and friendly but I was WRONG. I won't say that Morgan is a bad school but the employees could use an attitude adjustment. A person that plans on attending this school should probably have thick skin because there will be many times where people will have an attitude with you for no real reason.


The kind of person who should go to morgan is a person who loves the urban surroundings and enjoys being around different people. Also the person has to be independent and organized.


A strong willed, determined person should attend Morgan State University. There are alot of parties around the area, and different ways to get distracted; if the students are determined to have a good education and graduate in for years then those distractions do not even matter and may go unnoticed.




Someone who is independent.


Morgan is known as a party school, so i beleive someone that likes to party but cannot easily fall off course.


Majority African Americans.


the kind of person that should attend this school would be anyone that is ready for an great experience while attending school!


A focused, well rounded indiviual.


Anyone who enjoys hereing about african american history all the time, and they are dedicate to passing should attend this school


Responsible individuals are more likely to succeed in a timely fashion than the individual who insist on placing priority on the, quote-on-quote, party scene at Morgan. More than likely, the person who has a good sense of time management can indulge in the social scene as well as make the grade point average they should very well be shoting for. Because though the social agenda is important to any college student, time is money and is crucial and without that sense one could find themselves in debt because of lack of focus.


Someone with mostly liberal views and feels comfortable around other African Americans.


the type of person to attend morgan should be out going. they shuld know what they want out of life and not be afarid to open up to new people. people are everywhwere around to help you but if u just ket them walk past they wont notice ou. you have to make yourself seen and heard.


Persons who would attend this school should be patient, outgoing, open-minded, enthusiastic, focused on their major at hand, proactive, and easy to adjust to the environment around campus and on-campus.


I believe that wherever you are place in life is where you should be.




People who dont want to learn


Someone who wants to be around alot of black people in an urban setting. Also, someone who does not want to attend a very large university but still wants to have the feel of a large college campus.


Someone who needs more of a one on one educational relationship with their professors. Also, those who like the thought of a school that is well school spirited and has a perfect size campus not to big, or not to small.


black kids who want diversity in cultures