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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The number one advice I would give myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now is become financially cautious. Saving money this year as a senior will help me with books and college bills. Next I would tell myself do not (under any circumstance) attend college as an out of state student. I believe now that with the fluctuation of college tuition amongst most colleges around the country, it is becoming harder to go to college out of state. So stay home!


"Keep doing what you are doing"! Yes, I could have gotten better grades or a few scholarships, but everything happens for a reason and I wouldn't change a thing.


First and foremost, apply for a lot of scholarships; financial aid will not cover everything. Also, since you are working, start saving your money so you can afford the books for your college classes; a book for your major goes as high as three hundred dollars. Furthermore, research the area in where your future school will be to have a better understanding of that specific city and compare and contrast it to your present city. Lastly, you are about to make the transition to college; this is a place where if you are not taking it seriously you will pay for it. There are so many scholarships for those who are graduating high school students. These same awards will not be available for when you start college, so try to apply to at least one scholarship per day. Also, you spend too much money on sneakers, clothes and going out to eat, you must be willing to put money aside on things that will promote your success. I know that is a challenge, but you must think long term success instead of immediate gratification. Remember, be aware, be wise, and think twice about everything, especially purchases.


I would tell myself to keep a job long enough to save money to help pay for my tuition and just have extra money for anything i would need for school. I would start college right after highschool instead of waiting 4 years later to start school. I would tell myself not to spend money on so many tattoos that i have now and i wouldnt have to get any removed now because i wanna join the army. I would tell myself that music doesnt have to be my one major to pursue a career in.


I would tell high school seniors to always plan ahead, no matter what point in life you are at. College can come as a suprise to most people as it did to me, I was not fully prepared, so went in almost blindly.


Stay focused


I enjoyed high school life becasue I had good friends and my academic standing was great. I could not change anything if I got a chance to go back in time becasue my status then was successiful. My highschool academic standing helped me pursue my college education. My friends had also good academic standing and we loved our young life studying and exploring the academic possibilities after highschool. We all turned out great since we pursue our college education, though in different fields.


Transitioning from highschool to college was one of the most challenging tasks of my life. The reason being is that college is extremely different from highschool. One of these major differences is that it cost. In order to pay the high tuition cost for my school, I had to take out a lot of huge loans, which will probably keep me in debt for a long time. This is why, if I could go back in time, I would definitely advise myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Another piece of advice I would give to myself as a highschool senior, is to remain focus. The ability to remain focus is a key factor in successful transitions from highschool to college. The reasoning being is that in college there are a lot of parties, people , and other distractions, that can hinder academic success. Also, professors, unlike highschool teachers, do not remind students to complete assignments or of due dates. This becomes the student's responsibility to remember, which can be really challenging at first. Lastly, I would advise my self to better manage my time to keep up with all the assignments and extracurricular activities that college provides.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to go on diffrent college tours. I would of also told myself that I should have started applying for schools earlier than I did. I would make note to myself to get ready to be away from my family and friends. I would encourage myself that I am going to college to become a better person and make good choices. I would make known to never change no matter where I go in life be myself at all times. I would have told myself to get more involved while in high school. I would have applied for many diffrent scholarships so everything wouldn't come out of my parents pocket. I already had really good grades as a Senior in high school but I would let myself know that grades and SAT scores and very important. Think postive and succeed!


Life is a rocky road, but for every moment there is a reason to keep on living. I'm living to reach my goal of becoming a pre-natal nurse one day and helping newborn babies stay alive, but most importantly helps mothers maintain a healthy diet. College has opened many doors into a better life. In high school I was a hard worker and determined to go to college regardless of my citizen status, but I wished I could have applied to scholarships and schools earlier. I regret doing things at the last minute because that was a sign of irresponsibility. I was constantly busy with AP classes, sports and clubs, but I wished I would have tried harder.


knowledge is power dont waste your time they say time is money for a reason i would tell myself to be more confident to move foward not dewell on things that are not importante in life that whatever you dececide to do , it be ok .. dont act to reckless calm down your family has your back no matter what you do , that life will work out and determination is key to, your parents love you no matter what you do and try your best in school stop wasting your time you need to move you got this nereida and appricatied that you have see the bigger picture start fresh , dont distract you self in superfical thing


If I could tell high school senior Tara one thing it would be “Stay at home.” I’ve done many things in my life that people would look down on, but they make me who I am today. I’ve learned lessons, I’ve fought battles, I have no regrets. With that being said, I do believe that I could have accomplished more if I had stayed at home instead of moving on my own when I was 17. I was so eager to be an adult and claim the world as my own, I didn’t realize how unprepared I was. Looking back now I would like to have gone to school more, and worked less. I would like to have been there for my little sisters more instead of trying to grow up too fast. My education has taken me a long time because of the choice to make my own way.


Every moment we live is an experience we treasure. Unfortunately, we can only apply our experiences to future events. If I were able to go back in time, I would definitely have taken different decisions. Over the years, I have grown up to be a better daughter, a wife, and a professional. While pursuing a college degree, my knowledge has been vastly extended. As a result, today I can say I have become someone else. I am no longer that reckless child I was during my senior year in high school. If I were able to employ my present knowledge in my senior year life, I certainly would have prioritized my education rather than achieving a determined social status or fulfilling someone else’s wishes. I would have worked harder; I would have spent time wisely. I would have been a better person than I am today. Currently, I focus on pursuing a good education because material things can be taken away from me. However, I am confident I cannot be deprived from my knowledge and experience. Today, I am self-assured; I base my future on a good education. Today, I am certain education is the key to success.


Girl, let me tell you something! You need to move out of state and get an advanced degree. Move to the state of your dreams, Hawaii or Cali and go for it!!! Don't look back nor get home sick, the sacrifice will be worth the while.


Going back in time and seeing myself as a high school senior I would advice myself to break out of my shell and to not be afraid to meet new people because I've learned that college is all about meeting new people.


Rikia, stop all of the TV watching and the music playing! Stop spending so much time with your friends and start applying to get scholarships. College funding should be your main focus because after you leave high school the only thing besides you laziness stopping you from continuing college is the funding. Apply for as many scholarships as possible and don't stop until you have enough money that you won't need to worry about finances for college. You can have fun and socialize later but your main focus should be on applying for more scholarships. The worst thing to ever happen is for you to have to leave college not because it's not for you but because you can't afford it. Tuition is expensive, as well as room and board but it doesn't stop there because you still need to pay for book for every class and personal expenses. Be smart in this decision to isolate yourself and focus on school because in four years you will appreciate it. No one said it would be easy and trust me, it is not.


My advice to myself would be not to be lazzy and get down to work. I should be there to learn something new and improve myself. I need to keep moving forword and have a steady pace to learn. I also need to beleve in myself and not be shy of new event for it can be the best occurrence in my college life. Learn to study now instead of later, it would help in the long run for college. My final advice would be to enjoy the experience, new friends, and have no regrets about your time spent in college. What I know now and what I knew then was a big differance and better than what I thought.


Hey Sean, I know you are angry of how High School was, It was a mess it took you a long time to grow up and figure out how the world works and see how people would treat you. This is your Senior year and time to graduate you are doing a lot of great things now but the problem was you did them to late. If I could tell you one thing to do in college and in life is to challenge yourself and not be afraid of anything or what anyone thinks of you. As you can tell you have acheived much in the last years of your High School career. Junior year you cut the bad friends from your tree, was on the Honor Roll all that year as well as Senior year. You were awarded a Local Hero, won two scholarships and more importantly got back into your love of art then submitted some into a contest only to win a national award. You are capable of great things and fate seems to agree. Don't ever go back to what you were in 9th and 10th grade and get your 4.0 GPA in college.


Knowing what I know now, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself that I need to really research the schools I want to go to before I attend. Also I would tell myself that I need to research the major I want before I declare it. The most important thing I would tell myself as a highschool senior is that scholarships are everything. Financial aid is not available for everyone one and loans arent always the best thing to accept. Scholarships are a big help when it comes to paying for tuition. Dont ever take scholarships for granted.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, based on what I have known now about college life, I will give myself three advices, which are study to understand and not study to pass exams, be very attentive in class, avoid playing to much, always ask questions about any thing you don’t understand, keep good friends, and learn to work with people.One of the worst mistake high school students makes is reading to pass an exam instead of reading to understand. I usually read a night before the exam so I could pass and move to the next phase in my education. But here in college we study and apply all what we have studied to practice because, college is about putting your discoveries to work. Therefore I will advice myself to clearly understand those basic things and not to neglect them, so that they will not hut me in future.I will also advice myself don’t to pay too much and spend more time with my book. When I was in high school, I played a lot and learn less, which slightly affected my learning skill.


To stay in school and to never give up on your dreams.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to focus on "who I wanted to be in life" instead of "what I wanted to do in life". I recall how a lot of the significant misteps I made in my college career came from selling myself short and not having a standard of who I was and wanted to be. I would say how I strongly believe that had I developed a stronger sense of the person I wanted the world to know me as, I wouldve made choices that were more wise and carefully considered. I would tell my high school self that I am a intelligent and radiant person, who the world is counting on.


Don't believe your high-school teachers. Pay attention and study everything. Turn in all your assignments. Everything before college was prepairing you to fail. Learn on your own if you have to. Don't count on passing grade just because you showed up.


I would tell myself to go into College with a winning attitude. College is exactly what you make it so just better your future every chance that you get. I would also tell myself to try to not get distracted by my social life. Keep my social life and school work seperate and be able to balance them out as well.


If I could go back and change somethings in my senior year; I would have planned my college aspirations better and really researched alot of oppurtunities that were out in the real world. I would have prepared myself more for the sat and ACT earlier in the school year and would have given alot more of my time and dedication to sports. I would have also talked to more elders and asked for much advice throughout my year. I honestly belive that staying an extra year instead would have given me alot of more time to think our my future.


If I could go back in time and advise myself about college there is so much I would do different. In high school, academically I did okay, but I didn’t apply myself. I graduated with a GPA of 3.5, but I know without a doubt if I had applied myself more I could had graduated with a 4.0. Another thing I would have done is actually sitting down and thinking long and hard about my future. Most of my high school was spent taking random electives, or if I was honest with myself, easy classes. If I had only chosen more challenging courses and excelled at them, my college life would be irrefutably better. Also, I am not an active person, therefore I didn’t even think about applying for extracurricular activities. If I had, there would be better opportunities in life, whether they are scholarship purposes or private reasons. On a personal note, one last thing I would advise my high school self is to not be so shy and insecure. I really need to open up to people and let myself experience life. Undeniably, my life would be a lot happier than it is now.


My biggest piece advice would be if you know your going to fail a class. Drop that class. A lot of professors say don't drop it because you never know how you will do on the new material, but around midterms if you are not passing you should just drop the class. Also trust your instincts. I have always struggled with math because it is non visual. Everyone told me I was not trying hard enough even though I was trying as hard as I could and then some. I felt in my gut that something else was not right. The something I was feeling is called Aspergers Syndrome. I did not get diagnosed until my senior year in college upon being diagnosed my grades dramatically improved along with my self esteem. All throughout school I was labeled as "not smart enough" Now I know I am very intelligent and that my mind just works differently than most people's. Overall I would say trust your instincts for when it comes to dropping a class and also for if you are not performing well in class. Never let anyone tell you that your not good enough because your amazing.


I would go back and tell myself to take my studies more seriously and take full advantage of the free learning opportunites that were presented to me.


I would tell my younger self to save more money and to apply for more opportunities to pay for my education. Lastly, the most important piece of our conversation would be to always follow your dreams and to network during your first year in college.


Knowing what I know now, the primary advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to get involved on campus from the very beginning. Networking in college is extremely important and making friends will help you adjust to the different surroundings. Secondly, I would tell myself to be very organized, starting in your dotm room and going into the classroom. It is helpful to write down every due date and test date as soon as it is given to you. I would also tell myself not to procrastinate. Procrastinating not only leads to unnecessary stress but also subpar work. Lastly, I would tell myself to stay true to who I am. It is important not to lose who you are when going into college. Giving into peer pressure and following behind students who aren't doing the right thing will be less likely when you are secure in yourself. These are the most important lessons I would give myself as a high school senior, going into my first year of college.


In high school, I was not the best student. I was not engaged in my studies, class work and homework, nor attending classes were fun for me. I would tell myself to enter college with a focused mind to prove to myself that I would be able to be a better student than I was in high school. I would advice daily attendence to every class and sit in the front. My problem in high school was that I always would sit in the back distracting myself from the chatter of close friends, so sitting in the front seats of class in college could help me. Deciding to do take class notes and go back after class and study those notes. This would change my bad habits because it allowed me to fully comprehend the work given to me by my professors which benefit me. I would advice completing every homework assignment which showed me that I understood the curriculum being taught. This advice would allow me to be the best freshman student and transition into becoming a responsible adult.


If I could give myself advice, I would first ask myself if I am ready to attend college. Starting college when you know that you are not mentally ready to focus on your school work can have negative results especially towards your grades. The next thing I would ask myself is after commiting to try my best in college, would is the best college for me? Choosing the best college will help any student enjoy the entire college experience. When choosing the best college that suits you, consider if you will be financially satisfied. Also consider how well you cope with living with others or how well you will interact with other students and even professors. I would tell myself that college and high school has many differences, such as having more freedom on campus and classes being farther apart from eath other unlike in high school where they are all in the same building. Finally, I would ask myself what I plan on doing after college. Knowing what you would like to do after graduating college is important. What you choose to study as a major will most likely be in your career field once you graduate from college.


I would have told myself to start applying for scholarships sooner because college debt is more serious than what I previously thought it was especially now since I'm in the real world where money is inhaled as quick as it's exhaled. The second piece of advice I would have told myself is to focus on my GPA better than what did. I was shy of a 3.0 which would've qualified me for the hope scholarship which was 4,000 at the time of my graduation. I also would have told myself so save more money for college than what I had saved considering I worked while I was a in high school. Since I can not go back in time the only thing I can do is learn from my mistakes and move on.


Apply myself in all of my courses. Develop great study habits; devote set hours for studying. Learn to balance social life and course work. Be devoted to my studies and apply for scholarships to pay for tuition. Perform communtiy service. Don't fall to peer pressure and stay focused.


Knowing what I know now about college, as a high school senior I would tell myself that college isn't a game. Everything from here on out all depends on me. Its up to me to go to class as well as its up to me to turn in assignments and come into class on time. Dont mess around with education. Learn it, understand it, then apply it.


It’s your senior year, the last experiences in high school that you will ever have, make the best of it. Don’t procrastinate; start filling out scholarship applications. You can achieve all A’s easily, just study and do all of your work because you have the potential. Don’t give in to senioritis it will impact your grades and attendance tremendously. Don’t take days off; your attendance will have a huge impact on the college you go to. Don’t isolate yourself from people this will be the last time seeing all of your high school friend’s in the same setting. Listen to Mrs. Spence when she talks about time management it is a very important skill that you will need in order to be successful in college. If I had a chance to approach my senior year differently I would take advantage of my classes and get better grades. I wouldn’t be late or miss as many days as I did. I would take advantage of the scholarship opportunities afforded to me and apply for more. Take advantage of all of these things because you won’t get a chance to do it again.


I would've given advice about being more confident and self-secure. High School was all about getting the approval from peers and even advisors, but once in a college setting, nobody personally cares for you anymore- except maybe your mom. But it is a huge jump from major dependence to complete independence when making that transition. This all happens in only one summer and suddenly there are adult decisions to be made, a life to live on your own. College is exciting it is so much fun and you learn more than you ever will anywhere else, but it takes some getting used to. Don't expect your first day to go smoothly without being nervous or lost because that will happen. Once you find your niche and get a comfortable schedule going, you will soon love it. It's been the greatest two years of my life but I would have had an easier time settling in if i cared more about what was truly important in high school instead of what all my friends cared about. Don't be afraid to be comfortable being unique; learn who you are.


There are three things in life to always be valued and taken very serious. Do not toil with them - time, knowlege and friends. Time wasted can never be retrieved, the amount and quality of information you know determines how you think and eventually the company you keep. I could make this write-up much complicated but I am writing to youngsters so I will keep it well-versed yet simple. The choices you make hence forth have a great impact in your life. Let opportunity meet preparedness. Prepare your mindset for college. Drop the high schooler's childishness, disrespect and profane language. College is an investment in whcih you will need support from parents, faculty, friends and very importantly a mentor. G


I would say there is no rush in knowing your major; If you feel that you are in a position where you ar enot yet sure of your career path, community college saves money and gives you the experience to mature an grow as well.


I would tell myself not to worry about cost or difficulty to get into a good school. Going to a community college will save you money and help you build up your GPA.


Remembering high school definitely erupts memories of "had I known". If I Knew what I know now, I would have had my doctorate by now. If I could go back in time I would advice myself to focus on what I enjoy doing rather than what is popular, earn at least a bachelor's degree before starting a family, and I should have been more athletic. First, focus on what I enjoy doing and not what is popular. As a young person, there is a tendency to want to follow the crowd, but over the years, I have realized, it is bettere and healthier to follow my heart. Secondly, earning a degree first would have been better before starting a family. Life would have been easier with a bachelor's degree and a good paying job. Thirdly, I should have done more sports. Given the financial previledges available to athlets, I would have been enjoying those previledges; having my college fees and tuition paid for. In conclusion, majoring in what you enjoy doing, going to school/college without divided attention as a result of family affairs and playing sports would have made a world of difference now; had I known.


I would say that there is nothing to fear but a lot to experience. I would advise myself to always keep an open mind to a lot of things: things such as peroples' culture, sexual orientation, e.t.c.


Do your best. Don't settle for less. Continue to strive.


The only thing I would change in my senior year is the amount of study and preparation time I devoted to my SAT. Going to college has always been my goal, so I worked hard and kept my grades up in high school to reach my goal. But i definitely took the SAT test for granted. I have always been a good test taker and since my grades were pretty strong I assumed taking the SAT would be no problem. When I took the SAT test in my senior year, I did not score as high a score as I had hoped, and it was a definite blow to my confidence. So my advice would be to prepare well for the SAT, get plenty of rest the night before, and eat breakfast that morning. The SAT test is a major factor if you wish to go to college, so take it very seriously. A strong performance on the SAT will open many doors and afford you tremendous opportunities in the college selection process. Best Wishes!!!


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is to be prepared. Be prepared in terms of applying for colleges and making sure that there is enough financial aid to pay for my college expenses. This is different from what most people would tell their high school self because that's what all high school seniors who are planning on going to college do, but I did not because I attented hgh school in Jamaica, and at the time I did not know about colleges and their cost. This resulted in me missing a semester of school after graduating high school. I wish I was looking into universities back then and getting my financial aid together. I am just now trying to get more scholarships to cover my expenses because I really do not want to have to take out anymore loans. Applying to college early and getting scholarships and grants would definitely be my advice not only to my high school self but also to other high school seniors especially those who may be international students. Another advice not just for my high school self but for myself during college is stay focus and work hard.


I would tell myself to take this opportunity seriously. College is a big deal and it is easy to get caught up in the college environment. There will always be another party. I also want to tell myself to follow my dreams. I need to know that hard work pays off. There will always be a different time to sleep and eat but the work has to get done. Lastly, I want to advise myself to relax. College is supposed to be fun! If you keep your nose in the books the entire time, you will miss out on some of the opportunites that your campus has to offer!


what i wish i knew then, that i know now is as a college student is the following. i wish as a high school senior, just how important time management actually is. i wish i was on my A game when it came to applying for schools, scholarships, and other things to make the college transition much smoother. also i wish i would have done everything ahead of time so i wouldn't have to scramble at the last minute and hope and pray things come out right.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to chill out. Back then I was freaking out because I did not know what I wanted to do in life and thought that I had to go to some big university and added stress to myself. Thankfully I went to a community college and did Individual Studies. I would tell myself and also other students that it's okay to not know what your going to do and if you don't to go to a community college instead. There you can figure out what you want to do, save money, and get good grades to transfer to some other school that has a major that you've found that your interested in. I would tell myself to take my time and not rush. Doing that would just be a waste of money as well as tiring.My advice for myself would be to just breath. I'm not doing anything wrong, you're worrying for nothing, so just keep on keepin' on.


The best advise I could give myself is to be more focused. There are times, when I tend to put off my studying for hanging out with my friends. I will no longer take my educaction for granted. Knowing this, gives me the opportunity that most of my family didn't get. Getting the best education, and doing my best will allow me to graduate and optain a career in the field of Marketing. I've seen my mom and grandmother who has been struggling since I was little. My mother always instilled in me, that living paycheck to paycheck is not an option for me. I'm taking this opportunity to get my education, and become the woman that my mother and grandmother know that I could become all along.


The advice I would give myself, is to always put your best foot forward and to make the most of everything that you do. Your, 'best foot forward' will allow you to achieve everything that you envision for yourself. You will make life-long friendships, meet individuals with extraordinary backgrounds and talents and be a part of numerous clubs and because of these things, you will be able to further enhance your horizon and focus on academics. I would tell myself, that college is the most monumental period in your life, where you will experience excitement, fear, heartbreak, anger and love. It is a time, of late night talks with your roommate and early morning classes. And although, at times college will seem overwhelming, all you have to do is close your eyes and focus on your goals; to envision your diploma, your career and the bright future that awaits you after college. In addition, I would tell myself to strive for success in every class and to never be afraid to ask for help when needed because the university is not just a university but it is your family.