Morgan State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the number of sections available for a class. I am an education major, and the four classes I need to take all fall into the same timeframe. This means that I would either have to take one per semester or try for duel-enrollment at another college offering the same class. The availability of the classes is not whats best and/ or fair for the student, but what is the most convenient for the profeesor. I think this is unfair and backwards.


My school tends to mess up \my finances, and schedules alot.


The most frustrating thing about Morgan State University is the poor teacher to student ratio. In my opinion, Morgan State University class sizes are too large.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that despit all the great things this school has the students here seem to think there is nothing maybe because they are to busy paying for school.




The staff is sometimes unhelpful or unknowledgable.


The most frustrating thing about the university is the lack of food choices. My food experience would be better if we had more resturants on campus and a more wide range of choices.


The number of classes available for each semester. Geting questions answer in the financial aid office.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the staff. When the semester begins you can find yourself in and out of the financial aid, bursar, and admissions offices due to loss of paperwork. You will find yourself waiting in lines for long periods of time in hot buildings. Your schedule could be dropped at any moment due to a staff member’s mistake. Even with all of these faults I still wouldn’t chose any other university than the illustrious Morgan State University.


I am very new in my college journey and I have not experienced any frustrating experiences just yet. My one challenge has been trying to pay for my first year tuition along with my housing costs. My mom is a single parent with three other children at home. So I am applying for every scholarship I am eligible to receive. But in all, I worked very hard in high school to be able to attend college and now I am here. I am very proud.


The financial aid system is extremelly frustrating. Sometimes, your scholarships are not in the system ontime which makes your schedule get dropped.


the most frustrating thing for me is there is no clear signs to direct you to where you need to go. Since i am new to the school i rely on the directory kiosks to help me go where i need to go. At Morgan the kiosks are faded and you cannot read some of the writing on them. i think they need to be replaced.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid office. I believe they could be more helpful and on time when it comes to helping and delivering news about students financial aid and their loans.


they did not have enough sections most classes are full within two day . there is not any options wast of time another semester , because of there is not classes enough classes offers .


The most fustrating thing about my school is that Morgan has the tendency to fustrate students when it comes to their financial aid. On what I have observed from the years I have been attending Morgan students tend to get upset and loose focus in class all because their financial aid is always messing up in someway.


The most frustrating thing about MSU is that it is surrounded by dangerous neighborhoods. Most of the violence that happens on campus is done by members of the community rather than the students. Therefore, I think Morgan State University would be a safer campus if there was a barrier around the school, so not just any random person can enter at free will.


The campus is medium sized-to-large and you only get 10 minutes to get to the next class. However, more time may be needed if you are walking instead of taking shuttle buses.


The different departments don't have good commuication skills. Like finicial aid, res life, etc


the most fustrating thing about morgan state university is that it's so much fun to be there that it's so easy to fall behind. you will get rapped up in the parties and meeting new people that you will fall behind on work but its just as easy getting back on track.


I can not really think of something that is frustrating about my school. I love the engineering program I am enrolled in here and glad I made the choice to come here.


The most frustrating thing about my school is parking. Many students make it difficult to park because they take up two parking spots.


The most frustrating thing about Morgan is when you need help everyone seems to have an attitude with you, and you usually get the run around.


The most frustrating aspect of my school is the disorganization of the services provided. Things like financial aid, housing assignments, and campus rules are often very disorganized and poorly communicated to the students on campus. I have felt this many times during my stinct. Important things get finished at the last second and creates a very stress filled environment


I don't know


The customer services is very poor such as the financial aid office and housing. They wait last minute to attend to students or reach out to students on certain issues. Some times its always very slow or there aren't enough people to attend to students.


the finaicial aid office


The cost is the most frustrating thing.


Receieveing financial aid assiatnce if you did not enter the University with any type of financial assistance. Also dealing with the adiministrative staff such as finacial aid, admissions and other things along those lines.


The food service.


Financial Aid and Administrative services people work really slow.


I feel as though the most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid office. It is vital to check up on my financial standings with the office frequently because there are often errors made that have interfered with my enrollment. Also many important notications regarding financial aid are sent at an almost "last minute" basis.


The most frustrating thing about my school is there are many staff members that act like they don't know about things. If you want to know about something you have to go all around school just to find out about something. It seem as though the departments don't talk to each other. Also sometimes financial aid messes up people money as well. Its quite a few things that makes me mad about my school, but I just deal with it.


The administration office is disappointing. Please have copies of all documents regarding financial aid, class schedules, etc throughout your tenure. Most likely, something will get lost.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how the teachers act just like students being late for class.


Just the fact that i am very unfimiliar with the area surrounding so i am kind of anxious about venturing off campus.


The most frustrating thing is the financial aid department, many student scholarships get lost their applications are not found its very hard to get in contact with these people.


The most frustrating thing to me about my school is the financial aid office, the classes, students, and professors are the easy part. For example, my financial aid office is very unorganized and they staff can be very unprofessional. If I knew It was going to be such and obstacle to get assistance paying for school I may have choose another school. But this experience has taught me to be more responsible about important things and keeping better records. Its not always going to be easy and sometimes you cannot take no for a answer. Good Luck!


I have no idea as of yet.


The most fustrating thing about Morgan is the food services. The food at Morgan is good, but from personal experience so far, finding hair in one of your favoirite dish, (for me it was macoroni salad), can gross you out, especially if it happens twice. I made a complaint and it hasn't happened again so far. Another thing that I had to deal with was inappropriate attitudes from some of the cooks and cleaners of the auditorium. I guess they feel they work the hardest out of all and that fustrates them.


The most frustrating thing about my school is organization from the faculty and staff when it comes down to the intake process of freshmen and placing them for housing because things then tend to be more crowded and their is no space for any of the upperclassmen who may live on campus.


The long financial aid lines during regristration. Once you get past them it usually is a smooth process.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the course work for my major. My school has a very well -known engineering program. The program is very rigorous. Staying on task is very important nad keeping your GPA uo becomes more difficult ass u go into the program.


Financial aid


The financial help, although it does come through to be very handy. I also feel they need a better infirmary.


Sometimes my fellow students can be frustrating.


The Most Frustrating thing about Morgan State University is dealing with the people in financial aid and the bursars office. They are very un-organized and have students running around for answers for a while. Getting your housing taken care of can also be frustrating, because there is the chance that rooms can be over-booked and the students have to wait in long lines for hours to get everything situated.


There is a massive swing between qualities. THe campus is modernizing so some buildings are great, while others need an overhaul. The staff and administration are hapless at best, and seem not to care about the affairs of the students. School has a number of new computer labs, yet some are completly decrepid and well below standard for their major's use.


The school tends to loose people's money and drop their classes even though they have paid. The school is horrible when it comes to accepting financial aid, according to many students. The school lacks enough housing the housing students


The most frusttarting thing about my university was getting financial aid and having your schedule dropped for minute things.


There financial aid staff