Morgan State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Save up, don't get distracted


I wish I had known the importance of participating in student organizations and their weight on prospective programs and job interviews in the future


I wish i had known that there weren't many different organizations available at Morgan State University.


Before attending Morgan State University, I was unaware of the typical student campus life. I was unfamiliar with the residential halls and dining halls. As an indiviual, I wish I would have made a better effort to visit the campus in order to get a better understanding of the environment. So my advice is to visit the campus to know exactly the type of atmosphere you're going to be encountering, and once you visit one would enjoy the experience.


the amount of non major required courses the lack of communication between professors and students with test scores


I didn't know that freshman could have their cars on campus. I wish i had known that before hand.


I wish I knew that getting classes you need were difficult to get.


Before coming to this school I wish I had known about the many clubs and organizations that are offered to the students to promote a fun and life changing experience.


Before I officially moved on campus I thought I needed to bring everthing with me; therefore, I wish I would have known not to bring so much stuff. Half of the items I brought with me I didn't use; they just took up space in my room and in my luggage when I left. However, now I know to only bring the items I need and will use.


Absolutely nothing. I did my research very well and am glad all I discovered during my research turned out to be true when I became a student. Do your research folks.


I wished I had known that Morgan State University is a diverse school.


I wish I knew that the level of crime on campus would escalate before I attended MSU.


Fresh out of highschool students assume that things in college would be the same as highschool. The truth is that college is nothing like highschool. people have to work twice as hard to get a good grades. i wish i had known that i have to work twice as hard to recieve a good grade. Not knowing this has affected my grade a bit, but as i experience college life, i was able to change things around. To those of you who are just out of highschool, i suggest you not to full around in you are serious about school.


I wish I would have known more about college in general. Most of my family is poor, so college wasn't something I took serious until it was too late. I have always been an A student, an athlete, and a volunteer. I went to Morgan because it was close to home. My parents did not want me to go far because I am diabetic. I would like to transfer but I cannot find funding. I don't want to take out any loans. So for now I can only make the most out of what Morgan has to offer.


Nothing, I came not because I had a choice, but because I was not financially able to attend any other college. I went where I could parcially afford, not that I dont still have a hard time paying here.


There are a couple of thing I wish I had known. as a transfer student I needed to know what classes would and wouln't transfer. That would have saved me some hassle. Also I wish I had known how some classes can only be taken during specific semesters. Knowing my exact tract of study as a transfer student would have helped a lot.


I wish I knew more about how serious the frats and sororities are on this campus also about finacial grants.


I wish I would have known the hours of visitation were limited. Also the campus cafeteria wasn't very sanitary and the food wasnt tasteful.


That your life changes drastically from high school. Friends come and go, money comes and goes, but most importantly you will learn a lot about yourself. College will be whatever you make it.


I wish someone would have told me you do not have to go to every basketball game or social event sometimes you need to just study.


I wish that I was informed about the lack of financial resources and aid that Morgan State does not (or wish not to provide) to students atending or wanting to attend their university. I wish that I was informed about the lack of interaction, respect and teaching abilities teachers have for students in the Elementary Education Dept here at Morgan.


I wish I was aware of the hassle of completing things such as taking care of financial aid and other things outside of the classroom. Being aware of this hassle would have help prepared me for the stress that comes with these activities that can greatly affect the collegiate experience.


I wish I would have known what career field I was interested in going into, it would have made the last two years of college easier because I would have been on track with the majority of my peers.


There is nothing that I wish I had known before I came to this school.


I wish someone had told me exactly what GPA to aim for as a freshman. We have an honors program at my school, but one needs a certain GPA to get in. Had I known that I would have been interested in something like that I would have tried to improve my GPA sooner. It is too late now though.


I wish that I knew everyday counts towards me being great. Everyday that I wake up, I have an oppurtunity to work on my skills. I had little to no responsibilities in high school , and I did not use my time wisely. Whatever your interests are do not be afraid to puruse them. Once you have outlined your goals and labeled your interest, hit the ground running and do not worry about what your friends are doing. Stay focused and you will be ready for the working world sooner than you think!


time managment and the imporance of doing well in school.


As an electrical engineering major, i wish i had been involved in some pre- college courses that help develop my interest in engineering and help me learn a few technical abilities, also i wish i had been exposed to opportunities that discuss the importance of internships and research opportunities in college as it applies to my major. With these, i think i wouldve developed better in my engineering course.


I wish somebody would have told me to take college and applying for college more seriously. College is expensive and the cost isn't going down, not only that but every school is different. When you apply you should apply to every school possible, every school that has something that interest you. As well as applying for schools you also have to apply for scholarships and grants because you will find yourself wondering where the money for this or that will come in, and when you're in college you're basically on your own.


Before I came to this campus the because thing I wish I knew was how serious placement test are, since I didnt place in the ideal math class for freshman engineer majors I had to take summer classes to catch up. Another thing I wish i would have known before i came to Morgan was that it was a huge party school, honestly if I had know that I would have change my perspective coming in as a freshman.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would have known that Morgan had plenty of flaws.


I wish someone had told me that I needed to takecare of my FAFSA well in advance inorder for my loans/ Financial Aid to pay out!!! smh


i which i had know the life style , the age of the school., the facult and how they operate.


I can say that i was not surprised about anything at this school becuase before i attended i asked for peoples advice about the school. I really like this school and the atmosphere it is on a mature level then a community college that i used to attend last semster (Fall 2011).


I wish I had known to apply for more scholarships. If I could redo my senior year I would have filled out a scholarship form and written an essay every day for the entire school year.


I wish I would have known about some of the teachers, faculty, and staff. I wish i also would have known about how hard it is to make it and get things done in the school when you are given the run around. Another thing I wish I would have known about would be the food choices, or lack there of. Lastly I wish I would have known about the dorms and roommates. That area is also poor with not so many choices.


How much the tution really costs.


I wish I had known that attendance was a big part of your grade and can cause you to fail.


I wish I had already known how expensive school would be.


From my summer program at Morgan I wish I would have known what to do to succeed in school. I always knew I had to do things like study, put in effort, and participate. It never really clicked in my mind until they taught me how to do this. If I was better in high school then I would have had a lot of opportunities in college. I think of it as the past and am doing my best to make sure my future is nothing but greatness and success.


what the dorm life was like?


I wish I would have known how to manage my time in high school because my grades were not as good in high school as they are now, so if I had good time management skills in high school, my grades would have been better.


The school surroundings, it is very urban and it is located in a not so good enviroment.


I wish I would have known how the dorm rooms were going to look and exactly how the atomosphere and the type of peopel that were going to attend and that were already attending the University.


I wish I would have known that you have to pay for a parking pass.




I wish I had known how to exercise patience in earning my degree. Easing the transition from working full time (for two years after high school) to taking on a full load, instead of doing it simultaneously, would have saved me time and money. Learning at the pace best suited for me at a community college, versus rushing to get into a university to avoid repeating courses later, would have better prepared me for transitioning to a four-year college or university. If I did that, I would have been much further ahead in college than I am now.


I honestly wish I had a better perspective on time and money management. Both at Morgan State University are essential components for every area of living while you attend this institute of higher learning. Having a sense of your time allows you an advantage that many students lack sense most HBCU (Historically Black College/Universities) because most , if not all, of them pride themselves on the social outreaches such as fraternity/sorority life, on and off campus parties, and student government. While all of these things are essential, one could very well lose themselves and forget to study.


proior to attending morgan i wish i known myself a little bit more. i came all the way out to a new state all by myself and no one to help me. i dint know which direction to go in and i wasnt really sure what i wanted out of life. i was just trying to get away from home. but if i knew myself better i would have appreciated my time at morgan alot better


FInd more money