Morgan State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The environment, every one loves to be around each other.


I believe the best thing about Morgan State University is its dedication to uplifting African-Americans as well as other cultures in the pursuit of higher education as well as appreciating the history of all people


I am in the engineering program at Morgan, which is completely different from the rest of the campus. The engineering program is very supportive of their students. It's like a family and they push their students to succeed. After falling behind in my course work specifically my math and physics classes, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome which explained a lot. I then recieved extra time to complete coursework and tests and I am doing much better thanks to the counceling center and my engineering professors. Without them I would probably still be struggling.


The best thing about my school is the professors. Most of the professors I had have been nice, helpful, and informative. They truly seem to want you to succeed not only in the classroom, but throughout your entire matriculation in school.


To me, your life is a function of your choices, and to choose rightly is of equal importance. My choice of morgan is as a result of accssibility, affordability, and wide range of courses. Morgan State University is located in the inner city of Baltimore where it is easily accessible to all; whether or not you drive or ride on the bus. Also morgan has made higher education affordable. Unlike most schools, morgan has a lot of scholarships' opportunities and fewer fees, just to make school affordable. Lastly, Morgan has variety of courses of study that sudents can choose from.


Morgan State has a ton of programs for student enrichment and college readiness. I was selected for the 2013 CASA Program. This program was from July 1 through August 9th. It was an intensive six weeks, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, life coaching, mentorship, and academic support. I feel prepared and looking forward to a successful freshman year this fall.


The best attribute about my school is that it is based on a foundation that’s built upon Dignity, Prosperity, and Commitment because these principles have allowed me to become apart of the fabric that makes Morgan State University. I was able to know my peers, not just as my ‘peers’, but as my very own family. A family where we all helped each other and acted as one; coming together for a common goal. The connection I formed here with my peers, professors, and university, will forever strengthen my being and knowledge of what true friendship and family is.


The overall experience at Morgan State University is great. The ability to meet numerous people from numerous places and further educate yourself would be the best thing about Morgan State


The best part about this school is the faculty and staff that are readily available. I have gotten to know not only my professors, but their families as well. If you're ever looking for a place to not only network, but connect also, this is it. I'm encouraged and challenged by my mentors and look forward to the humility that preludes academic growth.


The best thing about Morgan is that there are many people herer that encourage you to do better and achieve your goals, but also give you the chance to work things out on your own. By doing this we are able to get real world experience about how to work with other people.


The best thing about my school is the students, faculty, and professors are all kind and understanding. Also, almost anuone on campus is willing to help out others in need, ranging from help with work to helping off-campus tourists with directions.


School spirit, and student involvement. Everyone makes you feel like your part of a family


The best thing about Morgan is that proffessors are willing to talk to you after lectures and make time to make sure you understand the course material. Also I'm the only person in most of my physics classes so they tend to move at my pace.


The best thing about Morgan State University is the history and the school spirit. I would say this is the best thing because you will always know about Morgan's history and the school spirit environment is fun, comfortable, and welcoming.


The best thing about my school is number of different organizations and groups that are available on campus for the students. These organizations and groups allows different people from different cultures to connect and build friendships. Everyone is extremely close and they all help each other to better themselves. These organizations and groups also open a lot of doors for the students as far as their future is concerned and they are able to network and build business and professional relationships as well.


I love the fact that there every year there is and increase in the diversity of the school both among student and also among faculty and staffs. there is and increase the cultural diversity of the school. there are more people from various cultures from around the world and i like it because it give me the opportunity to learn and know more about other cultures in the world although the school still have majority blacks / african american students i can see it becoming much more diverse in another 5-10 years.


The engineering school is the best thing. They provide you an experience that will be prepare in the real world for a successful career.


The faculty I would say is this University's best component. In my experience as a Psychology Student, my department has felt like a family at times. They are very supportive and try to make sure that I am doing what I suppposed and following through on all my commitments.


The best thing about my school is the school pride and the sense of community. I say this because no matter what kind of day I am having as soon as I come on campus my day gets better.


It's a very spacious campus that allows to interact with a number of people.


Morgan State University is a school that accommondates all. It is a school without discrimination, and a school that has thought black women especially that they can be who they want to be. This is a school that seeks your interest, and work with you on your dream. It is a school that believes in you, and test your ability to represent the school out in the real world after you graduate. All type of sexual orientation is accepted and they concerntrate on your personality, and so not stereotype. Its a school for all people


The best thing about my school are the clubs because they help the students to stay involved an learn about the different opportunities offered.


The best thing I consider about my school is the support and open arms you get there.


i would consider the best thing about my school being how family orienated it is. Bringing everyone together as one big family


My peers at Morgan have the most school pride I think I have ever seen! Every day I seen a student sporting a school hoodie, sweatshirt, pantsuit and when there are pep rallys we all chant in unison our school chants. We all love it! I love being a Bear. I wouldnt trade it for anything. Even though I go to school out of state I feel right at home. Morgan Pride is a the best!


I believe that the ability for professors to communicate is the best thing about my school. The small class sizes allowed for understanding as well as intimate conversations. I believe that Morgan State University prepared me for everything that I would need to become sucessfull. While also allowing me to enjoy myself and meet new people from all over the United States.


The best thing I consider about my school is that there is always someone to help you when you need it. They also have a variety of opportunities for students no matter what their major is. There is always something you can do to be productive and involved.


The ability to determine how the rest of your life will pan out, in the horizon looms the ghetto and suburbs.


They will try their hardest to help you succeed.


Morgan State University has a diverse and rewarding background. The environment is very welcoming and accepts all cultures throughout the world. Not only is it diverse but it prepares students to be successful in the working environment. Morgan state offers an amazing one on one interaction between students and teachers; enhancing the learning experience. The best thing about my school is the learning environment and the networking between fellow students. This experience has allowed me to progress and grow with my fellow classmates. The experience Morgan State University has to offer is exceptional and gratifying!


The best thing about Morgan is the professors because they do everything that they can to make sure you pass and learn as much as possible from them. They are very personal and helpful.


The best feauture about my school is the engineering program. Rumors say that their engineering program is top ranked amongst historically black colleges and universities. There are also plenty of programs that that the engineering department sponsors and they're considered to be very helpful.


The best thing about Morgan is the academics


I consider the best thing about my school is it's rich heritage. Morgan State has a diverse group of African American teachers that have all succeeded in many different ways. They all impact Morgan's campus to bestowe knowledge from many different perspectives of Black, African, African American, Black European, West Indian, Carribean and much more.


The school spirit, everyone has high spirits in Morgan.


the best thing about my school is the interaction between the students because we have a very strong bond


Its more of a family type of campus, theres so many people that state they don't like Morgan State or can't wait to leave but at the same time all these people still come back for Homecoming and have a ball! Parties are always fun if you go to the right one, cops and all you still have a story to tell in the morning. Unlike many schools where you don't know where everything is, at Morgan within a week you know where everything is. The students also make the school which is why I believe Morgan State is so unique, there are some great connections here, you just have to get yourself out there.


There are a couple dorms at Morgan State, most females stay at Blount their first year while males usually stay in O'Connell. From living at Blount my freshman there are some ups and downs. The rooms are a good size but when you factor in living with another person everything becomes so much smaller, so you have to hope and pray your roommate is clean and easy to get along with. You share a bathroom with the 3 other rooms in your quarter, and they are set up like basic public bathrooms with 4 showers added. The bathrooms are cleaned every morning so they don't get too out of hand. Since it's 8 floors of females...of course theres drama, its destined to happen. Fire alarms were pulled randomly at all hours of the night, making everyone stand outside for a good 15-20 minutes. Now as for O'Connell, rooms are about the same size as in any dorm 2 people to a room and there are 3 floors. Every floor shares the same bathroom in their hallway so you can only imagine how that would look, from all that I heard I'll never stepped into the bathrooms there. Every dorm also has visitation hours during the week visitors can stay until 10:30 I believe and weekends its until 12am, but because of some behavior visitation gets suspended a lot. Males can stay in other dorms to such as Baldwin, Cummings, and Rawlings. Thurgood and Marble Hall are both male and female and set up like apartments, you get a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathroom. I believe their are 4 bedrooms in Thurgood and 2 bedrooms in Marble hall but you share them with one other person, well at least in Marble Hall you do. Females have the option to also stay in Harper - Tubman. Eventually many people choose to stay in Morgan View which isn't technically campus housing so you would have to go there to apply for housing. You have the option to pay every month for rent or its taken out of your tuition using EZPay which most students do. Morgan View cost more then the other dorms but its worth it, its usually clean, you have your own room, you share the apartment with 3 other people, you share the bathroom with just one other person, and you have a living room and kitchen. I enjoy staying in Morgan View over the other dorms, you have your own freedom and no visitation hours just as in Marble Hall and sometimes Thurgood.


they good in good communication which is good thing to do. calling student and e - mailing. the used of blackboard is more efficience for every student.


The landscaping and recently built all-glass library.


There are many historic places on campus that are connected with former students and important people in the world and our buildings. This school stands out because it is a very popular HBCU that many people know about. Morgan has rich history, especially of its students standing up for their rights in order to make Morgan a better place for all.


Although the school has a large student body, the classrooms are rather small. some may view this as a negative characteristics of a school But I view it as an opportunity to network and really get to know the instructors. There are also many places to sit and relax in doors as well as outside. the campus is also biker friendly with bike racks and paths throughout.


What makes Morgan stand out is our Holmes Hall which has a huge statue of Frederick Douglass which represents and symbolizes the History of our school and most visitors know it as "THE BUILDING WITH A BIG CLOCK ON ITS ROOF" ( which by the way goes off every hour, so if you hear it ringing on your way to class then you're late! ). Another unique thing about our campus is our Earl Richardson Library which is new and ALL GLASS built!! These are the three features that are unique about Morgan.


The location of our campus is unique within itself. Our library is the nicest building probably on campus next to the student center.


i would say that the mosat unique aspect of my campus is the atmosphere. the presence and environment makes you always want to say on campus.


The on campus activities and enormous amount of active organizations on campus. Professors prepare you for work force.


Our president makes sure that our campus is always changing and updating its facilities. Even when the economy won't allow for us to make big changes, Dr. Wilson will take advantage of the good that can be done.


The most unique thing about our campus is that we have a mixture between old buildings and new buildings. You get a sense of history as well as some new school high tech buildings.


Lol, besides this amazing school, some great mentors - I met Mr. Carson, the Director of Career Service, and he's keeping me on track, all the time. I think the library as an avenue for getting work done is so practical. The exhibit of MSU's Civil Rights contribution and the sit - in movement by Morgan State students is priceless.


The friends that I have made along my maltriculation have to be the best part of my school. I also love all of the organization I am apart of where I gained most of my friends. I love the community service projects that I have been involved with on campus. I love almost everything about my school!