Morningside College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My Classmates are intelligent and never afrain to say what is on their mind. The class and the professor creates a comfortable learning environment where every point of view is respected. Classmates support and challenge eachother all in order to do better.


Most of my classmates are nice and friendly, but there are some that are into the drama that should have ended during high school.


Although our campus has, and is open to, groups like the student democrats and republicans and the LGBT groups, there is a small percentage of students involved in these activities. I think this is mostly because Morningside is a smaller school, about 1500. Any activist groups would be welcome and its hard not to find a place to belong in Morningside. I majority of the students are from Midwestern states and I find that a lot of students care about things like political issues are generally pretty aware.


My classmates are hard working and group oriented, but also know how to kick back an enjoy each other's company.


Fun, friendly, genuine, and engaging