Morningside College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Morningside College?


A person who wants a large college with a lot of students. Morningside is a smaller college that might be perfect for some students, but if you are coming from a larger high school, it may be a shock to a student.


People that are not goal-oriented or willing to work, or tend to be unfriendly and close-minded should not attend my school. People without ambition and a love of learning should not attend my school.


Someone who wants massive classes where they can disappear into the crowd, or those who aren't wanting to be engaged in an academic comunity.


I don't really reccomend a disabled person attend especially if you are in a wheelchair.


Some one who wants to be part of a mass group of people shouldn't attend Morningside because you're teacher is going to know who you are because the class sizes allow for that and teachers actually care.