Morningside College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The friendly professors and the small class sizes. It allows for a very intimate professor-student relationship that is rare at larger colleges and universities.


I love Morningside because it is a small community, which allows students to know more people and get more time from the professors. I have never felt like I wasn't a priority to any professor - they are able to devote their time to all of the students who need it.


There are a variety of areas to study and they all have great professors. The classes are not so big that professors don't know the students, but not so small that students can't effectively have study groups. There are many extra-curricular activities to get involved in and there is always something to do on the weekend.


I like how the faculty and staff actually care about me and how I'm doing, and if I need help or have any questions they are always helpful.


The best thing about my school is the size of it because the classes are the perfect size for a good learning environment. So you are not just another kid in the class the professor actually knows you by name.


I believe that the best thing about Morningside College is the fact that I can find a few close friends who can get to know me really well. It is easier to find people to connect with in a smaller school because you can have so many options.